Picture of Perminant Hammock Stand
Nothing finer than spending an afternoon relaxing in a hammock!

I own several hammocks, a Hennessy Asym Delux Explorer, DD Camping hammock and a custom clone of a Warbonnet as they weren't until recently available in the UK and I'm tempted to get the real thing soon anyway.

It'd be nice to use the garden as a space to use them on warm summer nights or to dry them after a wet weekend camping.  The temporary solutions are fine, but I don't really have a place to store them and if I have to do any significant assembly, it'll probably never get used.

So I built a perminantly solution using 4x4 and postcrete!
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Step 1: Tools & Materials

Picture of Tools & Materials
Things that make your life easier:

1x9" Post borer/Auger - Manual is fine (see pic below)
1x Drain spade (like this)
Builders Tarp
Spirit Level
Drill with bits
Mitre Saw (preferably one capable of doing 4x4 posts...) but manual will do if you can cut straight.
Spanner or bit that fits your drill for the coach bolts

And materials

3x3m 4x4 treated posts
6x90mm M8 coach screws
6xM8 Large washers
2x90mm M10 Eye bolts
2xM10 Large Washers
6 bags of postcrete

Very nice