Perpetual Ball Roller





Introduction: Perpetual Ball Roller

This little machine has a circular track that tilts so a ball can roll round. Can be controlled directly by user or automatically from preset comands.

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Perpetual Ball Roller



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    this is nice.u have tried well.but according to the law of perpetual motion it should work continously without the help of external agents.and u have used batteries it may droup down at any time even if u charge the batteries using finally it may come to zero

    who mentioned perpetual motion? Also, please tell me the "law of perpetual motion" because I haven't heard of it before. Maybe you're thinking about the first and second laws of thermodynamics that prohibit such machines?

    The perpetual motion law says perpetual motion is only possible if
    1 it is run off of its own energy
    2 never stops
    3 no outside force acts upon it .

    I lol as I sit revising for 4th year engineering exams that strangers on the internet lecture me about the "perpetual motion law"! This is not a perpetual motion machine (obviously), and most importantly, I never claimed that it was :)

    Its not automatic because you had to start it by rocking it with the pot, then all it does is rock back and forth with a spring pulling it back

    I thought that purpose of instructables is TO INSTRUCT.
    To display something without letting people know how to build it defeats the purpose of instructing.
    You wanna display something, go to youtube... BTW, your link does nto work

    From the video submission page:

    What kind of videos can I post?

    Submit your how-to videos, show off what you have made or are currently making.

    This video is me showing off what I have made. It's not an instructable and nobody ever claimed it was. The fact that this is the first comment you've made, you joined relatively recently and you've submitted nothing suggests you are new here.

    Have a read around the guidelines etc. and learn about Instructables. It's a nice community. If you have questions or comments, be polite.

    Thanks for letting me know my link doesn't work, that is helpful and is now fixed!

    It is designed (and does) to start automatically from switch if it was turned off and would not need it rocked. I didn't do this in the video as I would have had to stop it etc and I didn't see much point in that. It rocks back and forth in one of the automatic modes to make the ball spin round. There are other modes too but my favourite is "random" where it picks one of 4. It's a servo not a spring.

    It is truly amazing(well,maybe not truly),how many people pick a part and scrutinize EVERY project here while obviously being to dumb,lazy,or uncoordinated to do something on their own.Regardless of what they say,it is a neat project,and very entertaining,and I'm sure like most projects out here,can be built several other ways,but where are THEIR projects?Great Job,and Thank You for posting!!!

    could you do this with just a 555 timer?