Make a perpetual calendar with magnetic numbers that can be moved each month. The magnetic numbers can be put on any metal surface but why not put them on a decorated food can and have a multi use pen holder?

I am aware that this is a similar idea to www.instructables.com/id/Keylendar/
The ideas for my instructable were completely formed before I checked to see what was already on Instructables. I think my idea if different enough to warrant a new instructable.

Step 1: Materials:

You will need:

Magnetic sheet
    from magnetic L Plates
    from promotional magnets
    from saving all the magnetic strips from the back of old promotional calendars

Card from food packets
    This is what you'll write your numbers on

Marker pens/Ruler/Scissors/Pencil/Pens/Glue

Clear sticky tape
    This gives the numbers a protective coating

A food can
    425gram or 1lb is a good size.

Gift wrap paper
    The paper is wrapped around the can to decorate it.
    This gives you the chance to be creative by choosing paper that suits the person the calendar is for

Wonderful idea!!
LOVE IT! i just used this on my laptop!!
LIKE LOVE!!!!haha! I really like this idea!<br>Great Job! :)
Magnets! I love it. I was thinking it was one of those sliding puzzle things. Which would be super fun too. Do you find the magnets get knocked off easily or do they stay put? I'm pretty reckless around my workspace and things do tend to get knocked over a bit. . .
Yep, they might get knocked off if it's in a cluttered area with elbows flying everywhere. <br>Potential ways around this would be to not have a paper covering on that area of the can or at all so that the magnets would stick better. <br>Or to reduce the weight of the magnets by covering them with paper instead of card.
This is really nice, I love the perpetual calendar.<br />
Interesting.<br />
<p>Very Cool Idea!</p>

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