Perpetual Motion Machine: The real-life version of M.C.Escher's Waterfall

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Picture of Perpetual Motion Machine: The real-life version of M.C.Escher's Waterfall
if you can read Chinese, the original Chinese version of this guide is here:http://www.guokr.com/article/18649/

Escher has drawn a lot of strange pictures which describe an impossible reality , Waterfall is one of them. This instructable gives out a step-by-step guide to show how you can make a real-life version of Waterfall:  make the impossible reality possible, for real!  Since the Waterwheel spins forever  "without power supply",  you can get yourself a "perpetual motion machine".

Here's a video shows the completed model.  This video was released at April 1st and we called it  "Perpetual Motion Machine" on that day.


Step 1: Tools & Materials

1mm ABS plastic plate;
PVC tubes in 3 different diameters;
PVC sticker;
PP textured sticker;
Small electric water pump;
Power supply with adjustable voltage;
Angle grinder;
Paper cutter;
Angle square, T Ruler (replaceable with straightedge & triangle);
Hot glue gun;

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patatarium10 days ago
This is a good optical illusion :)
NathanC162 months ago

Excellent website on perpetual motion machines: http://www.nathancoppedge.com/Perpetual_Motion.html

Advar1 year ago
Masterful work. Frelling awsome!
tguo14 years ago
Need someone to contribute English subtitles~
GuokrDIY (author)  tguo14 years ago
you don't need subtitles. it's not important. just some jokes, and if you don't know much about modern Chinese literature, you may miss a lot.
Several years later, Chinese will be as mandatory for every modern citizens as English : )
ads11950 tguo14 years ago
i'm weak in english
ElvenChild4 years ago
Well correct me if I am wrong but since this is assisted by gravity that is not really perpetual motion is it? That aside this looks great!
perpetual= something that is onlly given fuel 1 time but goes on untill you stop it
Actually gravity by itself would not disqualify a perpetual motion machine.. But as I have mentioned, this Instructible is not an attempt to create a perpetual motion machine, but rather gives instruction to build a grand (IMHO) illusion of a perpetual motion machine!
GuokrDIY (author)  Bad Maxx4 years ago
thanks for all those explanation. This project is indeed a piece of artwork, not a real perpetual motion machine ( if it is one, nobody would upload that on instructables, but will put that into manufacturing and make profit/ make a better world.
Amazing work/creating
sponges4 years ago
Stunning work! Your attention to detail is superb. Do you have plans to recreate any other 2D illusions in 3D?

It would be interesting to see a shot of the model from the "perfect" viewing angle followed by a shift of the angle to reveal the fakery.

this came up after i watched the video posted here - its what you're after
fidibiri4 years ago
Glad you're so CRAZY!!
thas hella dope
hafsteinn4 years ago
Wow, great work! absolutely amazing!
mostart4 years ago
bravo! Absolutely brilliant!
splazem4 years ago
Wow! Congrats!
Mikey D4 years ago
The time and effort input is unbelievable - excellent work!
You put in life what was only a drawing.
Kurusshan4 years ago
nilyk4 years ago
It seems cool~
f2ca7c4 years ago
What a incredible work!
soxgoon4 years ago
rioathe4 years ago
yanlihere4 years ago
very impressive
gmantennis4 years ago
Incredible. Keep it up!
birds_love4 years ago
Dear My Guokr!!
You are always creating miracles!
vipTricks4 years ago
To: GuokrDIY: YES! my friend :) a Housing Camp of 400 Asian ppl is very close by where i'm living.. most of them are seeking part time job from 5pm to 11 pm.. i can hire 20, or 30 of them to produce this artwork commercially, but a "production LINE" procedure should be planed very accurately in a smart manner. and since you DID IT, i want to talk with u about some important points (with reserving your rights to ask me in return a whatever i may be able to pay or trade your service back for you).. 1st easy step for NOW is to reply to me (to my InBox) your email / or phone number. again..Thanks a lot my dear friend, i'll be awaiting for the respond..
Exelent work, awesome.
vipTricks4 years ago
This piece of illusion art ROCKS. it made my day to go Pro /w instructables dot com ;) but for now here is a small question.. * Who may -please- estimate the price of material cost? (in details).. TY..ALL
GuokrDIY (author)  vipTricks4 years ago
not too much, actually. In China it costs less than 300RMB, which is about 43$. But the time and energy actually costs a lot, if you hire someone to do that for you.
sherms6674 years ago
I am really impressed. WOW. I knew it had to be an illusion, but it made my jaw drop anyway. I can't believe the detail! It must have taken a long time to complete. I wonder how many people worked on it. WOW. This is the most impressive instructable I have seen in a long time. Applause.
GuokrDIY (author)  sherms6674 years ago
three of us working together for a month to finally make that.
Wow GREAT illusion and build had me fooled by the first video love the instuctable!!!!
ildefonso4 years ago
Well, this is a really nice looking ornament, it would look neat at anyone's living room (or office), but... certainly: it is *not* a "perpetual motion machine", because... well: the wheel gets the energy (power) from the water (thus, the wheel's power supply is the falling water), and the water from the pump, and the pump from motor, and motor from DC power supply, and so on....

Nevertheless, I repeat it: it is a very nice looking model.

You read the material list but not the instructable? No one claims this to be a perpetual motion machine. It is a recreation of a drawing in a novel, it is a work of art, an illusion as the drawing represents an impossible machine, a perpetual motion machine. Thus the use of an electric motor to create the illusion. As a work of art, the creator named it, and it's name? PERPETUAL MOTION MACHINE.
piper12344 years ago
hehe good compositing and use of realflow and 3D prog :P but let's face it , there'll be a lot of "jokers" uploading things instead of real projects ; )
What are you talking about? I understand others making comments about this not being real, but yours surprises me! Did you too fail to grasp this is a real project but one of illusion not "fakery" ? If you read the instructable you may indeed change your view of this work of art.
rwilson14 years ago
As long as there is power going to the "perpetual motion" system, electricity, it is not considered to be perpetual motion. Perpetual motion is powered -only- from power generated by itself. Another thought I had was that an evaporating substance, like water, cannot be used. A perpetual motion machine will run forever with out any outside assistance.
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