I was in a homewares store, and saw a calendar which works for any day/month/year from now until.. well... until forever, I guess! It looked like this:


It's a nice idea, but it was rather bulky and used more tiles to indicate the day than necessary. Most designs use 31 tiles, to represent the 31 days of the (longest) month. But, a distant memory of a Martin Gardner column, reminded me that only 12 are actually needed.

So I built this...

(ok - it's my first attempt, and I'm not that handy with card, but I hope this explains the method)

You will need:

Two blank dice
One piece of card
Some clear tape

Step 1: Create a Template

Start by measuring the dice that you will use. The floor on which they sit, and the back, need to fit both dice snuggly. These are shown in the centre of the image, with the triangular lugs either side. Below that is a thin rectangle which will hold the month name. In my version this is 5mm high, which matches the size of the triangle above it.

You will also notice that many of the other sides need to have equivalent lines.
I found an error in the final step; The second line should not have a &quot;0&quot; in it because the day will never be 00 and a dice only has 6 sides. <br> <br>Cool idea!
You spotted an error, but the wrong one! I have since corrected the step. It should read '0, 1, 2, 6, 7, 8'. Although 00 will never appear, nor will 46! The double zero is needed so all the single digit dates (such as 06) can be shown. 3, however, can only be paired with 0, 1, 2 and therefore never needs to appear on the 2nd die.<br>

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