Picture of Perry the Platypus Inaction Figure
My kids like the show Phineas and Ferb and when I saw the Perry the platypus inaction figure episode I knew what I had to do that day.  Turns out there was already a pretty good one on instructables.  So here is my version.
drewlew1 year ago
Strange question, but do you happen to have a copy of the other guy's instructions? They're no longer online.
Stryker (author)  drewlew1 year ago
Sorry no. If you want dimensions or something I could measure mine again.
acuchetto2 years ago
This looks great but where's your instructable?
Stryker (author)  acuchetto2 years ago
I didn't take any good pictures during my build and this guy did a great job explaining.  So I didn't think we needed two similar instructables.  I really only posted mine to show off.   :-)  
Kiteman2 years ago
That is very cute.
Stryker (author)  Kiteman2 years ago
Thanks, I had to make two since I have two son's and heaven forbid they share.