Introduction: Persian Pizza

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In this instruction you learn how to make a Persian pizza . I think you didn't eat a Persian pizza so far . So you test a new and different pizza now !

The traits of this pizza are : different aroma , different bread and different taste . Also with toppings. For example meat , corn and bread have many good trails :

Meat : protein , energy and etc , corn : A Vitamin , phosphor , potassium and etc , bread : farina , energy and etc .

Step 1: Ingredients

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  1. Fragmentary meat : 250g : I use less
  2. Small Onion : a number
  3. Corn (sorgho)
  4. Thin bread : a number
  5. Pimento : a few
  6. Pizza cheese :
  7. Salt , pepper : the amount you wish
  8. Thyme
  9. Ketchup and mustard sauce : the amount you wish

Step 2: Chop the Ingredients

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Chop the pimento , tomato and onion . It isn't important you chop the ingredients very small . I chop them similar a man ! (average)

Step 3: Broil the Ingredients

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Heat the oil in a pan , and broil the onion with low heat in a pan , until become auburn . Then add the meat , pimento, parsley , salt , pepper and corns .
Now send out the Ingredients in a dish .

Step 4: Fry the Bread

Picture of Fry the Bread

Fry the bread in the pan , until become auburn . Now put the bread in a dish for add the ingredients .

Step 5: Put the Ingredients

Picture of Put the Ingredients
Put the ingredients on the bread and even them :
  • Layer1 : a few cheese
  • Layer2 : Ingredients + thyme , salt , pepper powder
  • Layer3 : a few cheese again

Remember don't do the bread heavy . Because the bread may be break . Add the tarragon and pizza cheese on the bread .

Step 6: Bake It !

Picture of Bake It !

Put the pizza in the microwave for 2 minutes with high heat , until the pizza cheese become fused .

Step 7: Do Other Works and Share !

Picture of Do Other Works and Share !

After evict from microwave , add a few thyme again .
Don't forget ketchup and mustard sauce !
Your Persian pizza is ready to share , eat and enjoy !


TT2 (author)2012-12-14

Just: wow!

suayres (author)2011-05-16

This would be excellent with zatar (translation: a mixture of dried sumac, thyme! & sesame seeds, which is popular in the middle east. It's tart & savory & delicious. You can buy it online from spice purveyors such as Penzey's.

darthstupie (author)2010-09-02

Although this is difficult to understand, it looks very interesting and delicious. I am just confused about they type of meat and bread to use. I would assume that it is pita bread, but I am not sure.

farzadbayan (author)darthstupie2010-09-02

I edit 4 work in my instructables and I think my text is better now . Thanks to you and ChrysN for your notifications .

steveastrouk (author)farzadbayan2010-09-12

Is this an authentic Iranian dish then ? What's its Farsi name, as close as you can render it ? It looks really good !

jojoyam (author)darthstupie2010-09-10

Looks like ground beef to me :)

judging from the picture, its a arabic 'pita - like' bread called Khobez, you can find it in arabic,turkish,iranian,shops or tesco or asda if u live in theuk i don't really know about america

scoochmaroo (author)darthstupie2010-09-02

I think it's hamburger and pita. It's a fun read!

KentuckySam (author)2010-09-03

where do you live?

farzadbayan (author)KentuckySam2010-09-04


KentuckySam (author)farzadbayan2010-09-07

cool, I live in turkey

Foaly7 (author)KentuckySam2010-09-08

Then why are you called KentuckySam?

KentuckySam (author)Foaly72010-09-09

I was born in Kentucky, but I now live overseas, and for the past few years I have lived in Turkey.

Foaly7 (author)KentuckySam2010-09-09


pmartinez (author)2010-09-07

Nice will try it.
Can you give me the recipe for bread.
By the way I'm in Costa Rica

oaskul (author)2010-09-02

From my experience, Persians never forget to add ketchup to the pizza..... or ranch dressing....

farzadbayan (author)oaskul2010-09-07

Yes ... !

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