Picture of Persian pizza
In this instruction you learn how to make a Persian pizza . I think you didn't eat a Persian pizza so far . So you test a new and different pizza now !

The traits of this pizza are : different aroma , different bread and different taste . Also with toppings. For example meat , corn and bread have many good trails :

Meat : protein , energy and etc , corn : A Vitamin , phosphor , potassium and etc , bread : farina , energy and etc .

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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
  1. Fragmentary meat : 250g : I use less
  2. Small Onion : a number
  3. Corn (sorgho)
  4. Thin bread : a number
  5. Pimento : a few
  6. Pizza cheese :
  7. Salt , pepper : the amount you wish
  8. Thyme
  9. Ketchup and mustard sauce : the amount you wish

Step 2: Chop the ingredients

Picture of Chop the ingredients
Chop the pimento , tomato and onion . It isn't important you chop the ingredients very small . I chop them similar a man ! (average)

Step 3: Broil the ingredients

Picture of Broil the ingredients
Heat the oil in a pan , and broil the onion with low heat in a pan , until become auburn . Then add the meat , pimento, parsley , salt , pepper and corns .
Now send out the Ingredients in a dish .

Step 4: Fry the bread

Picture of Fry the bread
Fry the bread in the pan , until become auburn . Now put the bread in a dish for add the ingredients .

Step 5: Put the ingredients

Picture of Put the ingredients
Put the ingredients on the bread and even them :
  • Layer1 : a few cheese
  • Layer2 : Ingredients + thyme , salt , pepper powder
  • Layer3 : a few cheese again

Remember don't do the bread heavy . Because the bread may be break . Add the tarragon and pizza cheese on the bread .

Step 6: Bake it !

Picture of Bake it !
Put the pizza in the microwave for 2 minutes with high heat , until the pizza cheese become fused .

Step 7: Do other works and share !

Picture of Do other works and share !
After evict from microwave , add a few thyme again .
Don't forget ketchup and mustard sauce !
Your Persian pizza is ready to share , eat and enjoy !

TT22 years ago
Just: wow!
suayres4 years ago
This would be excellent with zatar (translation: a mixture of dried sumac, thyme! & sesame seeds, which is popular in the middle east. It's tart & savory & delicious. You can buy it online from spice purveyors such as Penzey's.
darthstupie4 years ago
Although this is difficult to understand, it looks very interesting and delicious. I am just confused about they type of meat and bread to use. I would assume that it is pita bread, but I am not sure.
farzadbayan (author)  darthstupie4 years ago
I edit 4 work in my instructables and I think my text is better now . Thanks to you and ChrysN for your notifications .
Is this an authentic Iranian dish then ? What's its Farsi name, as close as you can render it ? It looks really good !
Looks like ground beef to me :)
judging from the picture, its a arabic 'pita - like' bread called Khobez, you can find it in arabic,turkish,iranian,shops or tesco or asda if u live in theuk i don't really know about america
I think it's hamburger and pita. It's a fun read!
KentuckySam4 years ago
where do you live?
farzadbayan (author)  KentuckySam4 years ago
cool, I live in turkey
Then why are you called KentuckySam?
I was born in Kentucky, but I now live overseas, and for the past few years I have lived in Turkey.
pmartinez4 years ago
Nice will try it.
Can you give me the recipe for bread.
By the way I'm in Costa Rica
oaskul4 years ago
From my experience, Persians never forget to add ketchup to the pizza..... or ranch dressing....
farzadbayan (author)  oaskul4 years ago
Yes ... !