Persistence of Vision Using Arduino UNO(New Prototype)


Introduction: Persistence of Vision Using Arduino UNO(New Prototype)

Hello Guyz.
I had Made A Project On POV Using Arduino UNO.I had viewed many models of many different users on this site.So i came up with a new prototype of POV. I was not sure at the beginning that it will work or not but at last it really did!
I made this project for the annual exhibition held at our school and it was a huge success. It attracted a large croud toward itself . It was completely unique and stood out among the rest. 

A strip of 10 LED’s
A high speed motor (consuming about 110 Watts) - It can be that of a Table fan Motor or anything like that.
Arduino UNO

The Main Problem Is Speed. I have to control the speed and make it at constant so that the words displayed do not rotate.




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