I like standing in the pub at my Student Nation here in Uppsala. A student nation is kind of like a fraternity, with out the dorm part (they are located elsewhere) and hosts pubs 7 days a week, restaurants, brunch, the Swedish Fika and clubs.

On slow nights (sundays to wednesdays) I like to use something different, such as shot glasses out of ice. That went on to make my own muddler, cutting board and personal card board coasters with my Student Nation's Logo on it. These coasters were very much appreciated but I had to stop using them since I hadn't gotten the agreement from the board members (still working on getting them back and on a way for cutting them out, right now it's by hand).

So I'm gonna make a Guide for the stuff I've made, gotten inspiration from and what I really want to do to make your bar you're very own!

so... ENJOY!!