Introduction: Personal Box

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Mame your box, add any picture you want!

Step 1: Choose the Picture and the Box

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Select the images and the box, aajust the size of the box to the sizes of the box

Step 2: Print It

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Step 3: Finishing!

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glue it to the box, you can also print a texture like wood an put it into the box!!


DeandrasCrafts (author)2014-09-27

I love upcycling! It's such a great way to reuse useful things that might end up in the landfill and this Instructable is no exception. Did you design the picture yourself?

Thank you for sharing your idea as I hope more people do the same kind of thing to not only organize, but help save the planet as well.

i choose two images, an then i mix them to do it personal

jsrubianoch (author)2014-09-27

Really simple and nice, keep up the good work!

good writing? im spanish

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