Step 10: General Tips

(1) Look for the "energy star" logo on products. This is an industry standard for efficiency.
(2) Use everything less.
(3) Turn off devices when they are not in use.
(4) Don't throw away. Instead, recycle or auction on eBay.

This is only the beginning. Be creative and think up more ways to save energy, because essentially, our modern lifestyle depends on it.
Notice tha screen saver do not save power! They even take more because they keep your procesor calculating, your graphics card rendering and keeps your screen on!<br />
Nice instructable dude, and it is true, some computers do eat up 800 watts, but it is rare to find a computer that actually uses up that much. The more wattage a power supply can put out, the longer it will last in a lower-powered system.
&quot;(1) High end gaming desktops leech up to 800 watts with newer processors and up to 1000 watts with older processors.&quot;<br/><br/>Can you provide proof of this? It is a very common misconception that if you have a 500W PSU it consumes 500Watts. The power rating on a computer PSU is its *maximum* limit.<br/><br/>My gaming rig barely scrapes 150W with everything powered up, yet it has a 500W PSU in it<br/><br/>Use an energy meter to check. (like you said in step3!)<br/>
Thanks for commenting. I was referring to insanely powerful machines like some manufactured by alienware (dual graphics cards, dual processor socket motherboards, overclocked processors and extra fans to cool them). I figure they need more power (not all the time though) so they have PSUs with higher wattage. And yes, I agree that a system does not consume the maximum wattage of its PSU all the time. That's why I used the words "up to".
Heh I know for a fact my existing gaming pc eats 1000W <br>but its a SLI rig and its about 3 years old
Hmm, power strips with individual switches... Looks interesting, but the Smart Strip would use power when detecting applianced turned off.<br />

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