First you will need to get aquianted with both of your hands.  I suggest taking off your rings, watches or anything else that will get in the way.  This will allow you to move comfortably on your first try.  Do some finger and hand stretches so nothing gets injured.  We wouldn't want anyone going to the emergeny room telling the nurses that you were trying to make your own personal hand monster, you might find yourself in the sych ward the next morning!  Alright, let's get started.....

Step 1:

The index fingers are the top of the mouth, the thumbs are the bottom of the mouth, you may start like this.
<p>so easy took me 5 seconds try to beat that time</p>
I don't understand how to do it
It's a snake if you put both pinkies in the mouth
Oooh! I like that. Might come in handy during meetings at work that are really too far gone.
Ha! I did this as a kid all the time. If you put one pinky inside the &quot;mouth&quot; it becomes a tongue. You can wiggle it around. and people will thing you are awesome. Pretty cool.
Take my advice, and put the image for step three first.

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