Picture of Personal Lubricant
Cheap, easy to make personal lubricant. Start to finish is about 10 minutes without cooling time. I'm assuming this is water based, since all it is is water and corn starch. If you are allergic to water or corn starch, do not use. USE EXTERNALLY! Also, since the comments are talking about this being glue, YES, you can glue things together with this, but it is a VERY weak bond since the promintent ingredient is water. The proportions are not correct for making a glue, and it takes a while for this stuff to dry out. I glued two sheets of printer paper together with a tiny dot of the stuff, but I separated the sheets like they were not glued once it dried.
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Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials
1 cup (8 oz.) water

4 tsp corn starch (I do not suggest putting the corn starch in a container. It tends to stick to everything. For the purpose of this guide, it is shown in a small bowl)

A cooking pot

Step 2: Mix Water and Corn Starch in Pot

Picture of Mix Water and Corn Starch in Pot
09022006 005.jpg
Add the water and the corn starch into the pot and mix. I used a wood spoon to mix. I don't know if metal or plastic would make a difference.

Step 3: Slowly bring to a boil on medium to low heat

Picture of Slowly bring to a boil on medium to low heat
09022006 011.jpg
Make sure you have stirred well and there is no corn starch stuck to the bottom of the pot. Cover the pot and slowly bring to a boil. All stoves are different; I used "4", the setting directly across from the off setting. Stir often, making sure the corn starch does not stick to the bottom of the pot.

Step 4: Almost there...

Picture of Almost there...
09022006 013.jpg
The contents should do some funky things while being heated. Just remember to stir often and be patient.

Step 5: Once it has reached a boil...

Picture of Once it has reached a boil...
09022006 015.jpg
Once it has reached a boil the contents should become more viscous and somewhat resemble the consistency of gelatin. You cannot tell very well from the picture, but you will definately be able to tell when it is done. Remove from the stove and pour into a container of choice.
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Joke 1) mmmm, personal lubricant. Joke 2) Why not just use some canola oil for your slippery needs. Joke 3) I like to make personal lube at home too. It typically invloves a willing female however. I don't think my instrucable would be allowed here
On #3: Please go ahead. I think a lot of the frequent instructable consumers would find it very, very interesting. I doubt you'd break any new records in internet indecency, and we are all grown up, aren't we?

Begging your pardon, but KIDS do read these. Please keep it very clean and remove innuendos. Thank you.

Depending on how you define "grown up."
If you laugh at fart jokes, your not grown up.

speak for yourself

If you don't laugh at fart jokes, you are boring.
not me
AshWilliams6 years ago
I want to try this because I'm too cheap to buy from a sex shop but will this ruin my Fleshlight at all? I mean, the Fleshlight site says to use only water based lubricants and like you said this is mostly water so I figure it might work but I want to hear what you have to say.
Just look out for ultrasonografic gel. Those are waterbased, and are the exact same thing as the expensive lubricants you can buy. Its about 4-5 Euros (7-8Dollar) for 1 liter, of course larger bottles are way cheaper in the end. Only use waterbased stuff with a "Flashlight", never use oily stuff or silicon.
he didn't mean 'flashlight' it's 'Fleshlite' its a sex toy

He could actually mean "flashlight". I've seen stranger things in the ER

Geez, you should read my text again. I'm talking about that sex toy, i just didn't want to name it here. But now i have to, because you forced me to. You're a bad person, you owe me an Ice Cream for that one.
freeza36 wupme2 years ago
I think it is a water-based lube, since 95% of it is water. I also use it with all my sex toys, including the fleshlight and it works fine, no damage at all! In fact, it works even better than other expensive lubes I tried b4 ;p
vaultshadow2 years ago
it works for buttplugs?
Favorite comment ever ^_^
kingneo2 years ago
i tried it with mixing up egg yalk less,it can work fine,idont know different ppl having different effects but its work fine for me
publicity2 years ago
Waw I can't believe this actually works!!!! THANKS MATE you just saved me a lot of $$$$$ !!!!!

I did use a bit more cornflour/cornstarch to make it slightly thicker, and I bottled it straight away, so I did not get any skin developing on the lube; so it's PERFECT!! It also lasts very long and it feels awesome! :D :D

Are you intending this to be used in a sexual way?
"Personal" lubrication. I think it is meant for a very special, eh, one person sexual activity.
IronManMC3 years ago

If your corn starch skins over, you're using too much starch. Cut the starch WAYYY back, use more sterile water, and cook it longer. The longer you cook it, the more the "stickies" stick together. A little vitamin E will help preserve it.

The slipperiest stuff I've ever tried is J-Lube. Google j-lube for a LOT more info, and farm supply places that sell it. Veterinarians use it to help calves out, and get their hands in the animals "business".

It's 25% some super molecule polymer and 75% some kind of sugar. It comes as a 10 oz squeeze bottle of dry powder. You don't need much. Three pinches will eliminate all friction in the known universe. You can sprinkle a *tiny* amount on "critical areas", then sprinkle or spray sterilized water on your junk, and slide right in. If she's completely clean (otherwise, it hurts), you can probably get away with it by telling her you're not "in" yet.

(Ladies, you ought to know by now that all men lie, always. Even this is a lie.)

You can also premix it. Sterilize everything (NOT the same as"neuter"). Then nuke it until it boils like Old Faithful on anabolic steroids. The microwave will require cleaning. Water and salt takes it right off. You can store this in the refrigerator for a week or two. I'm experimenting with preservatives. Vitamin E and just a little 91% alcohol kills all varmints I've exposed it to, but CAREFUL - alcohol also burns your junk! I have citric acid (AKA kosher salt), and am looking for a deal on bulk potassium sorbate.

feruruguay3 years ago
People: it is right to concern about contamination and bacterial grow.
All products made without preservatives woud be contaminated in a few days or hours.
So, the best is to prepare the lubricant shortly before use and discard the remanent. It is so cheap that it has nosense to keep it for long time
I've made a very simple personal lubricant for sexual intercourse and worked VERY well.
Just let a 1/5 teaspoon of Guar Gum to hidrate in 250 ml. of tap water. Shaked the bottle for a minute and let it stand. !0 minutes after that I shaked ir again and that was all.
A perfect lubricant for a ridiculous price. Compared to KY gel this is a a steal. Also, I could made such a quantity to soak all the body of my girl and mine for a very fun and exiting night.
The remaining gel was discarded.
Me and me woman named Nellie
Are adhered belly-to-belly.
Because sad to tell, we used Guar Gum gel
Instead of Petroleum jelly.
That`s so funny!!
Did you make it too hard? Or perhaps you let it dry after some hours. Since it is water based, evaporation of water would make the stuff more and more sticky.
Make the lubricant with plenty of water, it will function very well always

Petroleum gelly is not safe for condoms,
This is so funny! You people are so cheap! Buy some that's already made and save yourself the stress. I wouldn't let anyone make a batch of that for me! LOL!!!!! Making my skin crawl just thinking about it!
It's NOT about being cheap, it's about the creative/maker spirit.
_doug_3 years ago
Thanks folks for all your contributions!

Just tried this recipe ( along with this self-made toy: Wow, what a joy! 8-))

You don't need to boil the water for long, just a few seconds will do.

I'll try xanthan and maybe xylitol later, and I will report back if I remember.

Btw, I also tried this, but with little success: The consistency was a little too friable/crumbly; maybe I'll try again later.
_doug_ _doug_3 years ago
OK, meanwhile I got hold of some xanthan. (In Germany you can buy it for 3,40 EUR or so per 30 g at "Natuerlich Provence", which is the successor of "Spinnrad". Pharmacies don't seem to be allowed to sell xanthan any longer, and anyway it used to be more expensive there.)

It really works great, xanthan and water make for a superb lubricant! There was only one minor issue: It was not easy to dissolve the xanthan entirely, but maybe I took a bit too much of it for the given amount of water.
"Funky" eh? It burned like nuts when i was stirring the thing, and it reaches boiling then it goes foamy to the top like a volcano, i'm not sure if i am supposed to stir it when its boiling with the foam coming out of it or what, this tutorial is really starting to tick me off! :(
Stir for how long??
I am soooooo trying this, when my mom's gone to store or whatever. being 25 and having a hella-nice sex toy is easier than a girlfriend nowadays (personal experiences) I'm going to try this and see how it goes, thanks for the recipe! I'll edit this later to give my comments.
digitalia3 years ago
Still, there's nothing better (or cheaper) than good ol xantham gum and water. If you're concerned about bacteria, just make it up fresh. A pinch of xantham, and some water. Slickest stuff you ever used. And it's vegan!
gammaray0075 years ago
@mngarrison-- Personal lube *is* expensive when you need a couple of gallons, which is what is required for a really juicy "body slide" session, or the kind of body massage that is a part of the Japanese "soapland" experience. If anybody knows that secret formula, please post it!
Well, I just happen to have the answer for you. The slipperiest stuff on earth is made from a weak saline solution (water with a little salt in it) and a small amount of powdered soluble fiber, such as guar or xanthan gum. Xanthan is quite a bit better, and it dissolves to a completely clear gel. (Don't let the word 'gum' throw you, it's just what they call soluble vegetable fiber.) Experiment with proportions -- you'll know what feels good -- but start with sifting together 1/2 tsp table salt with 1/2 tsp powdered xanthan, then whisk in about 1 cup of water, just a tablespoon or two at a time at first to avoid lumps, or use a blender and just throw it all in at once. Bonus: The saline solution is pretty much the same saltiness as saliva, so there's no sting -- and it works as a preservative to keep your lube tasty (oh, yeah, you can eat this stuff; it's actually good for you).
okay so to be sure.. is this stuff vagina friendly?
Xanthan gum is actually the main ingredient in at least one store bought lube. Another I saw was using essentially very finely powdered cotton. Another seemed to be based on aloe vera thickened with a little bit of methylcellulose.
Meanwhile, I have heard the Japanese used yamaimo (the mountain yam) historically for lube.
The pH and salinity should be fine for vaginal use. The gums are completely natural and are sold as food products, but they could potentially lead to microbial growth (i.e., yeast infection), except for the xylitol, which is a microbial inhibitor. (And I would start with sterile water, of course.) All in all, it should work well vaginally or elsewhere. That said, I am not a professional pharmaceutical chemist or clinician... consult somebody like that that for a competent opinion. One caution: don't try to store it in your glovebox for six months and then expect it to be good -- it is a natural product and susceptible to spoilage.
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