Step 7: Enjoy!

Picture of Enjoy!
The container on the right is still hot and starting to cool. On the left is the finished product that has been stirred up to show texture. The finished product should jiggle like jello. My results have had a small layer of "skin" when it has cooled, but was easily removed with minimal effort.
I am soooooo trying this, when my mom's gone to store or whatever. being 25 and having a hella-nice sex toy is easier than a girlfriend nowadays (personal experiences) I'm going to try this and see how it goes, thanks for the recipe! I'll edit this later to give my comments.
Female6 years ago
Doez Diz thing really work?
jdog18 years ago
I like the last ad on the last page.
emerix jdog17 years ago
How to cut ferrets toe nails???
jdog1 emerix7 years ago
I had to look again and I`m PRETTY DAMN SURE the ads have changed. I say that because I was actually curious about ferrets toe nails and the ads have changed. Im disappointed. I have no ferret now nor will I ever. I WILL NEVER CUT A FERRETS TOE NAIL!!! Still Im interested.......I love this site. Inquiring minds.....you know jdog1
Tigger467 years ago
Thanks for the recipe! Most wont appreciate it. Thanks again