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Introduction: Personal Memory Board

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Hey all,

Yesterday I was cleaning out my office, and found a bunch of precious little nick nacks, that I would love to put on show. So I gathered my materials and came up with a Personal Memory Board.

This is an Insructable on how to create a memory board of your own.

Step 1: Materials


Pin board or canvas

Your own items to display, such as:
Photos, artwork, postcards, plants, beads, ribbon, stickers....what ever you would like!

Step 2: Layout

Gather your personal items you'd like to display.

Arrange as desired. I changed mine a few times, until I was happy with the layout.

Complimentary colours work well together, and words of inspiration are put to good use to brake up items.

Step 3: Stick It Down!

Use tape, glue or pins to attach your items. I used a mixture of all. I liked the idea of a pin up board and pins, so I could mix and match and add as I please.

Step 4: Display

Hang or stand your Personal Memory Board, so you can admire your work, and be inspired for your next project!

Enjoy, and please comment, like or share your photo if you try this Instructable!



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