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Introduction: Personal Pan Thanksgiving!

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This is a creative way to serve up your Thanksgiving leftovers or have a fun turkey dinner for just a few friends to enjoy!

Everyone has their FAVORITE Thanksgiving item. Why limit yourself to just one thing? My favorites are: Stuffing, Rolls, & Mashed potatoes. This year I decided it would be fun to make my own miniature turkey dinner, including all my favorites, "rolled" into one adorable turkey shape. The final product turned out fantastic! My husband even claimed it was his NEW favorite dinner. 

Here's what I did...
1. I made a batch of my favorite dinner roll dough. (Just a simple Betty Crocker Recipe)
2. Then prepared some, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and chopped some cooked turkey (This is a perfect time to just use your leftovers)
3. After my dough had doubled I punched it down and rolled out about a 6 inch coil and a palm-sized "pancake" of dough.
4. Next, I stacked a spoon full of each of the leftover items in the center of the "pancake"
5. Once filled, I folded up the edges of the dough & pinch it closed at the top.
6. I then placed the new little bundle of goodies on top of the center of the coil, with the pinched side facing down.
7. I folded the ends of the coil up and over the top 1/3 of the bundle & pinched them together at the top. (The bundle = turkey body, coil ends = drumsticks)
8. Then I continued this until I ran out of dough & placed each little "Turkey" on a greased baking sheet. 
9. Brushed the tops with some melted butter & baked them @ 375* for about 20 minutes or until golden brown.
10. Once done I  served each guest their own Personal Pan Turkey for dinner!

TIP: We also made a bowl of gravy to be ladled over the top of the "Turkey" if desired. 

Food should be fun!!! I hope you enjoy this fun take on Thanksgiving leftovers!

Happy Creating!

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    This is just too cute....and I love turkey which makes it even better.

    That's great to hear! Glad I could help! :)

    Wow you're amazing! This is the best idea ever!


    I've hit post 4 times so hopefully I am not repeating myself, but this is sooo cute and looks yummy!

    Very Creative! I love it! I have a dinner to go to this weekend & I think I am going to try to make these but in an appetizer size.
    Thanks for sharing this great idea!!

    1 reply

    They would make great appetizers for dipping in gravy!
    TIP: As you work try to go even smaller then your desired size because the dough will rise as it bakes too. If you reduce the size, be sure to reduce the baking time too. Also, getting the legs just right is the hardest part be sure to pinch the legs together at the top because as the dough rises in the oven they will fall to the sides. I hope they WOW your quests!

    Adorable...and so creative!

    Absolutely adorable! My hubby won't shut up about all the leftovers he's going to enjoy, so this would be an excellent change of scenery from turkey sandwiches!

    1 reply

    Exactly! We get a little tired of turkey noodle soup. It's nice to change things up a bit.

    OMG!!! Have to try this,...mmmmm, thanks

    Ooh, I'm salivating just looking at the pictures!

    Thank you EVERYONE, for all the positive comments! I hope everybody has a fantastic THANKSGIVING!!!

    This is a great idea, and looks really delicious!

    That is so clever and cute! Well done :)

    This is fantastic! Well done!

    Adorable and looks like a way to look forward to leftovers! :D

    That is genius and cute to boot :D

    You are so amazing myla! Love it!

    I can't wait to make these! I love your creativity!