I've made a lot of different projects, too many for somebody to read them all in a single sitting. So, I've gathered this selection. Maybe not my most-viewed, or most popular, but they are the ones I am most proud of, and the ones that some people say are most "me".
Oh, I love this project. It sat in the back of my head for years, until a bit of advice from another instructabler made it all suddenly gel.
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I sat in the Pacific Ocean! In the grand scheme of things, many of my projects are quite trivial. This one, though, and the idea behind it, have the potential to make the world just that little bit better.
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My first "big" laser-cut project, in terms of the effort that went into designing the layers and learning how to turn pencil sketches into laserable files.
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Paper is a great material for Makers on a budget, and following papercraft projects is great for new Makers, or if your Make might not survive long.
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The Poong stick is a cracking little toy, easy to make, but hard to explain the results without learning something. Often have one in my wallet, just in case.
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Not everyone tries to start a new genre. I love these because they work against folk's preconceptions. You can't see through card... can you?
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Boomerangs are a wonderful blend of art and science. Almost any shape your creative side conceives can be made to fly if you have a grasp of the hows and whys.
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Romancing through Science!
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This sprang into being all in one go, fully formed and fully functioning. I had the idea driving home, walked in the house, drew it, made it and it worked perfectly. The only modifications needed were tidying and branding. Of all my projects, this is the one I revist and remake the most often.
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Beer has been made for millenia, but most folk these days drink mass-produced brews, and most of the few who brew their own stick to other people's kits. This is a perfect project to share afterwards, and could be the basis of an entire hobby, all by itself.
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Writing Instructables is kind of the point of the site, so I figured some people might need a guide on how to start.
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