Step 4: The Print

Firstly, I printed a few grey rough drafts of my prototype.  I had thought that printing the loops that the velco strap would go through would be a good idea.  It wasn't.  It added a bunch of support to the holes that the pixel would lay in.  It took a few rough drafts and measuring before I had a design that was good enough.  

I printed the final item upside down so that the holes for the flora pixels would end up being a nice snap fit.  This means that the top side of the print would need a lot of finishing and cleaning.  It was printed with support that had to be removed.  After that, much sanding took place and then a final finishing with an acetone wiping.  See the pictures below for the progression of the 3D printed part.  
Danke, denkt meine Frau auch.
: )
Bowties are cool.
Yeah they are!
You should get it to say “Intruder Alert !! Intruder Alert!!”
I thought about making is sound reactive as well. The little speakers I would use just don't cut it. Thanks for the comment though.
Also known as the Virginity Defender :D <br> <br>I kid, I kid! <br> <br>Great instructable, interesting concept. Love the Video and the 3D Editor.
Ha! My wife loves that name. Thanks for checking it out.
This is fab! Thanks for sharing your process.
Thanks Becky! I appreciate it. Give my thanks to PT for the idea. And I hope he liked it too. Great Show today! Phillip doesn't need a pin cushion jacket. Just a few blindingly bright LED's will ward people off. This same concept could easily be incorporated into a broach or necklace for ladies.
Nice job! And great video, too. Clean and quick demo, I love it.
Thanks Mr. Amungus. I tried to keep it tight. I lose interest in myself after about 30 seconds, I figure most other people would too.

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