Step 4: The Print

Firstly, I printed a few grey rough drafts of my prototype.  I had thought that printing the loops that the velco strap would go through would be a good idea.  It wasn't.  It added a bunch of support to the holes that the pixel would lay in.  It took a few rough drafts and measuring before I had a design that was good enough.  

I printed the final item upside down so that the holes for the flora pixels would end up being a nice snap fit.  This means that the top side of the print would need a lot of finishing and cleaning.  It was printed with support that had to be removed.  After that, much sanding took place and then a final finishing with an acetone wiping.  See the pictures below for the progression of the 3D printed part.  
all will be small and butterfly fabric then a passport for entry will be the best
Danke, denkt meine Frau auch.
: )
Bowties are cool.
Yeah they are!
You should get it to say “Intruder Alert !! Intruder Alert!!”
I thought about making is sound reactive as well. The little speakers I would use just don't cut it. Thanks for the comment though.
Also known as the Virginity Defender :D <br> <br>I kid, I kid! <br> <br>Great instructable, interesting concept. Love the Video and the 3D Editor.
Ha! My wife loves that name. Thanks for checking it out.
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This is fab! Thanks for sharing your process.
Thanks Becky! I appreciate it. Give my thanks to PT for the idea. And I hope he liked it too. Great Show today! Phillip doesn't need a pin cushion jacket. Just a few blindingly bright LED's will ward people off. This same concept could easily be incorporated into a broach or necklace for ladies.
Nice job! And great video, too. Clean and quick demo, I love it.
Thanks Mr. Amungus. I tried to keep it tight. I lose interest in myself after about 30 seconds, I figure most other people would too.

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