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Introduction: Personal Tea Tray

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For a last-minute gift, I gathered some wood leftovers, and got inspiration from two nice little door handles.

The result is a small, long and modern-styled personal tea tray.

Step 1: Needed Stuff

- mini door handles,
- wood bard,
- 3mm thick plywood.
- wood glue, linseed oil.

- router,
- drill press,
- saw, sander.

Step 2: Make Grooves

Make the grooves with the router. Or buy wood bars with a groove already made.

Use a bit for 4 mm wide and 10 mm deep grooves.

WARNING! a router is an extremely dangerous tool. It rotates much faster than a drill, and can cause nasty wounds.
- Wear protection glasses and work gloves
- Tighten wooden parts in a very stable vise
- Hold router with both hands
- Exercise on some scrap wood

Step 3: Cut Wood to Length

The plywood can be cut with a knife.
Cut the bars to length with a saw.

Step 4: Glue

Add glue into the grooves, and where the side bars touch each other.

When dry, rectify with a sander. Optionally fill the holes with some wood filler or putty.

Step 5: Make Holes

Mark the holes positions, drill them.
Drill a blind hole on the bottom side for the screw heads.

Step 6: Oil

Apply linseed oil, wait, remove excess with a cloth.

Step 7: Final Assembly

Screw the handles. The screw may need to be cut to length.

Step 8: Finished Product

That's it.

Wrap it in a nice present paper, together with some tea blends, and make someone happy!



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    I love the tray!! My husband drinks hot tea all the time and this would be perfect for him!

    For the glass, I guess you can just insert the glass on top of plywood! it gives your plywood a protection, but also can see the plywood through it. :)

    no no no this is a very good project, i personally like it a lot since my tray is already useless i am going to do the same. @Laxap sorry to say i prefer it like you did with plywood (i mean) to avoid scratches and heat from any cracks. thank you very much once again.

    simple and cute

    Very nice! I enjoy dabbling in woodwork but think I depend far too much on a fancy table saw!

    1 reply

    Jay, with the right blades and jigs you can do almost all of your woodworking using a good table saw!

    Very nice. I think I will make one, but use a stopped groove on the long piece to hide it when you glue up the pieces. Or, make it a mitered corner and it would be hidden, too.

    This is beautiful! I can see one of these sitting on my counter! I will have a place to go and find a pattern if and when I do this. Wonderful advantages of Instructables. One stop place for all your needs and it does not require any storage! Thanks for sharing!

    Thank you.

    simple, clean design and the oil coat really brings out the grain (much better than polyurethane)!

    1 reply

    Thank you. This is really really simple, but I the handles (drawer handles) and wood combination define the style.

    I am very fond of linseed oil, for wooden objects, used indoor. It protects well enough against liquids, and gives a silky aspect.

    Thank you.

    Very nice, especially for someone who is elderly or ill.

    1 reply

    Thank you. I initially planned to use glass instead of plywood, so the final aspect is quite different than expected.