For a last-minute gift, I gathered some wood leftovers, and got inspiration from two nice little door handles.

The result is a small, long and modern-styled personal tea tray.
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Step 1: Needed Stuff

Picture of Needed Stuff
- mini door handles,
- wood bard,
- 3mm thick plywood.
- wood glue, linseed oil.

- router,
- drill press,
- saw, sander.

Step 2: Make Grooves

Picture of Make Grooves
Make the grooves with the router. Or buy wood bars with a groove already made.

Use a bit for 4 mm wide and 10 mm deep grooves.

WARNING! a router is an extremely dangerous tool. It rotates much faster than a drill, and can cause nasty wounds.
- Wear protection glasses and work gloves
- Tighten wooden parts in a very stable vise
- Hold router with both hands
- Exercise on some scrap wood

Step 3: Cut Wood to Length

Picture of Cut Wood to Length
The plywood can be cut with a knife.
Cut the bars to length with a saw.

Step 4: Glue

Picture of Glue
Add glue into the grooves, and where the side bars touch each other.

When dry, rectify with a sander. Optionally fill the holes with some wood filler or putty.

Step 5: Make Holes

Picture of Make Holes
Mark the holes positions, drill them.
Drill a blind hole on the bottom side for the screw heads.

Step 6: Oil

Picture of Oil
Apply linseed oil, wait, remove excess with a cloth.