Picture of Personal Toolkit
We are Cougar Robotics team 4251. Based on our experiences during FTC we think it is important for every team member to carry their own personal took kit. In this Instructable we will walk through an example kit and some ideas for other tools you might want to add.

If you don’t want to go through the whole walkthrough, the complete list is below.

• Carrying case
• Allen key set
• 1/4 and 5/16 combo wrench
• Diagonal cutters
• Needle-nose pliers
• Tape measure
• Loctite
• #0 Phillips head

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Step 1: Tool Container

Picture of Tool Container
The most important step is finding a suitable container. People on our team use Rhinoskin™ cases. Whatever you use, it is important that the case is sturdy enough to not be torn up by your tools, and has enough pouches and dividers to keep your stuff organized.

Step 2: Allen Keys

Picture of Allen Keys
Next you will want to find yourself a set of allen keys. These are one the most commonly used tools in FTC, and will be useful whether you are designing a new robot or performing maintenance at a competition. We usually carry 4 different keys: 5/64, 7/64, 1/16, 3/32 These are the most commonly used sizes in the Tetrix build system. We also color code our allen keys so we can quickly find the one we need.

Optional: Adding T-Handled allen keys. These are especially useful when you need more leverage or length to rotate bolts on your robot.

Step 3: Combo Wrench

Picture of Combo Wrench
Along with your keys you will want to make sure you include a wrench. We use a 1/4 and 5/16 combo wrench. These are the two main sizes used by Tetrix, and this combo wrench should all you will need during the average build day or competition.

Option: Adding a ratcheting wrench. This can be especially useful when you are finding it difficult to rotate your allen key or rotating a nut is the easiest option.