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Be sure to check out the finished product in the video at the end!

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Step 1: Get all the parts needed

Picture of Get all the parts needed
Any laser(s) you want
1 CD.
1 DC motor with wires - preferably with a some sort of gear attached.
1 Cardboard Box.
1 samll piece of plastic - a gatorade cap will work.
1 battery, 3.7 volts worked perfect.
1 scissor.
CA glue or any strong superglue.

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Doctor90250 10 months ago
For one of my laser shows, I bought one of those reflective silver emergency blankets that u can get for under $5 in the camping section of walmart, etc. I cut a piece about 1'x1', crumpled it to give it texture, then loosely wrapped it around a ping pong ball. i mounted that on a very slow motor and pointed my laser at it. All of the wrinkles gave a pretty spectacular light show. come to think of it...i suppose i coulda just used aluminum foil...Lol!
orasca4 years ago
Why is the video private?
You can change the setting on the video to Public.
yyeaahh i made mine it works gr8
d1ndian6 years ago
hei man i really wanna see ur video .............can u just change ur youtube video setting so that this instructable become a great one
are dc motors available everywhere?or can you break things apart and use them?
yes mainly u ca get dc motors in radios and toys with wheels.........
man you must be nocturnal to be up at 2 am. any way, you can but its better if you get one that can spin really fast to really slow witiot buning it. i used one that was rated for only 24v but i hooked up to 50v and it still works!! and that was 2 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
eskimojo6 years ago
This video says that you must be a friend of the user in order to view. Is this a site error or just a mistake on the users part?
i am going to use my crappy red laser, no questions. i have decided to mount my laser on something that will have it vibrate with the song.. lol, this is gonna b awsome.
Plasmana7 years ago
That is really cool! I like it!
BlueFusion7 years ago
try http://www.dealextreme.com for much cheaper and better lasers (try the <30mW True). For anyone wondering, Wicked Lasers sell the most expensive, and crappiest lasers on the planet.

or http://www.novalasers.com for some serious lasers.

come to http://www.laserpointerforums.com for a better, unbiased laser forum. Learn to build a high powered red laser or blue laser pointer for under $50!
I was going to enlighten with this info but than i saw your post, you beat me by a year lol.
wethecom7 years ago
mout the lazer on a speaker coil and it will vairy to the music great post thanks
if you use somthing like a souldering devise to melt your name into the cd then could you make it spin your name on the walls?
pyroman507 years ago
Advocat7 years ago
Can I use a laser from an old cd or dvd player?
bowmaster7 years ago
Get 2-5 lazers of different colors and shine them on the CD at the same time!!!!!
FathomBoy91 (author)  bowmaster7 years ago
i would use different colors but they are so expensive... i have a cheap red 1mw but compared to the green everywhere it looks pathetic.
Ask for more lazers for X-MAS
FathomBoy91 (author)  bowmaster7 years ago
im using this instructable to try to win myself a laser..... im getting powerisers for x-mas :)
FathomBoy91 (author) 7 years ago
Yes you need a laser... as said in the materials list
croc5947 years ago
so wait do you need a lazer????
DeadlyDad7 years ago
How about this: mount your laser(s) onto the the diaphragm/dust cap of your speakers(s) and point it/them at the CD. You could also remove the diaphragm/dust cap from dead speakers, make a permanent mount directly on the voice coil, and run them parallel with your regular speakers. By mounting the CD/motor(s) on the ceiling at an angle and pointing your laser(s) up at it, you can cover your whole ceiling with a laser light show without worrying about blinding anyone.
redneckone7 years ago
Wow over 10000 views already? This is a really big hit, your probably gonna end up in the finals, see you at school YEEEHAWWWW
natrinicle7 years ago
What about if you removed a speaker from an amplified speaker enclosure and connect the wires that went to it to the motor instead? And maybe while you're at it connect the other speaker to the laser? That would give an awesome light show, especially if you have some good stereo audio to play through it.
FathomBoy91 (author) 7 years ago
Everyone- the link that aixiz_lasers posted here is dated 2005. We are currently about to enter 2008 making this 3 years old. Wicked is totally different from 3 years ago. SakuyasLove- I was holding the laser as a friend filmed it to show how the effects change depending on the angle you're pointing the laser.
SakuyasLove7 years ago
This is probably a really stupid question, since I am the only one asking, but I didn't see you use the laser in the build so is this something you set up stationary away from the unit pointing at the CD?
k3s7 years ago
Could you use just a cheap laser pointer? I have no access to 80dollars for a laser.
FathomBoy91 (author)  k3s7 years ago
Yes, as stated you can use any laser you want. Wicked Lasers are definitely not the crappiest lasers on the planet... I'm very happy with the lasers i have received from them... They are expensive because of quality... Yes.... Rave Party indeed!
sweet. i just made a similar one. i have a touch switch on the bottom, so when it is placed on a surface to be used, it automatically turns on. the switch can also be found on the drive.
jongscx7 years ago
You could rig up two of them to reflect on each other. Then, you could use a pot (-entiometer) to control the speed and make weird patterns. Reverse the spin of one or the other and make other patterns. I'd go for Hot Glue for step 4, since it's more suited for space-filling, since it's a wavy cd
FathomBoy91 (author) 7 years ago
Thanks everyone! I haven't tried it with fog because i don't have a fogger but i did try with a bit of smoke from blowing out candles a couple times... there is really no difference but I'm sure fog would be fun... Wicked commented me on the forum and said i should call it Wicked Light Show... does anyone know if changing the name will take it out of the featured section?
swargy7 years ago
wow very cool, I have all those materials. I'm definitely going to make one.
Solaryellow7 years ago
Very nice! Lasers, and reflective things, make for some neat fun!! Time for the fog:)
pretty cool. Have you tried it with fog?
cool laser trick, smart using the cd to make the light bend im going to try this out for myself
ilymttybby7 years ago
that's awesome possuem. ♥
skarf7 years ago
nice we will have to try it and see how it does at the lake
redneckone7 years ago
THIS IS SO COOL!!!! simple yet sweet YEEHAW!
Wow, this is freaking awesome!
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