Create your own peronal laser light show with everyday objects. Click here to get your own Green Laser Pointer Click here to view Laser Pointer Forum

Be sure to check out the finished product in the video at the end!

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Step 1: Get all the parts needed

Picture of Get all the parts needed
Any laser(s) you want
1 CD.
1 DC motor with wires - preferably with a some sort of gear attached.
1 Cardboard Box.
1 samll piece of plastic - a gatorade cap will work.
1 battery, 3.7 volts worked perfect.
1 scissor.
CA glue or any strong superglue.

Step 2: Melt your CD

Picture of Melt your CD
Take the cd and melt it over your stove, BE VERY CAREFUL! I found that you can easily hold the cd with a fork, the goal is to make the cd as wavy as possible. Do not hold the cd to close to the flame or it will burn and the reflective side will begin to bubble and peel.

Step 3: Prepair the box

Picture of Prepair the box
Cut one side of the box off and mark an X with a marker where the motor will be. Cut the X with scissors and push the motor up through the box from the bottom, it should fit snug.

Step 4: Glue the piece of plastic and the CD to the motor

Picture of Glue the piece of plastic and the CD to the motor
Glue the piece of plastic your going to use to the top of the motor. Make sure it is centered. Once that has dried, glue the
cd to the piece of plastic. Since the cd is now wavy it may be tricky to glue, this is why strong glue is important.

Step 5: Time to start the show!

Picture of Time to start the show!
Connect the battery to the motor, put on your favorite music, and enjoy. You'll be sure to amaze your friends!
CAUTION: I suggest you use eye protection until you are sure where the beams will go. Depending on the shape of the cd and speed of the motor the effect will vary. Posted by Laser Community member: FathomBoy91