Picture of Personalised frosted glass Night light diffuser
This is the very first bottle my daughter drank from, I kept it and this is what it finally turned into. A personalised nightlight

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Step 1: Gather materials

as I said I used a glass milk bottle, I designed a sticker and got http://www.craft-signs.co.uk to print/cut it for me, I used an old phone charger and also got a strip of three RGB LED's

Step 2: Frost

Picture of Frost
photo 3 (1).JPG
Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures before I had it frosted.  I stuck the sticker in the position I wanted it in my case it says 'Patience'.
then I was lucky enough to get my uncle to take it to work with him and shot blast it for me.

Step 3: Wire Up

Simple enough really doesn't need an explanation except I stuck the LED's right at the top of the bottle to the inside of the glass rim so when the lid is on they're out of sight

Step 4: Plug in and enjoy

Picture of Plug in and enjoy
photo (2).JPG
photo 5.JPG
It would have been cool if you could have illustrated how to wire it or tell a little more about how you did it. Nice idea.