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This was a christmas present I made for my mom. The container is made from mahogny wood turned on a lathe. The stamp is done from a photoshopped picture of my mom. I have an instructable in the works on this one. Will look into getting it done in the beginning of the new year.
Flark (author) 5 years ago
Easy guys :). I know this is not an instructable. Like I wrote, I'm working on making a complete instructable detailing from start to finish. I'm hoping to have it ready within a week as I need to reshoot some of the steps. 
Ifer Flark5 years ago
I'd certainly like to see it when it's ready. Though it looks that you're running a bit behind schedule.
Flark (author)  Ifer5 years ago
I am, I know. I actually do have all the text for the ible in place, but I need to find the time to make a new one from scratch in order to reshoot some of the steps. Am considering just illustrating the steps.. Either way, I hope to have it up soon. Sorry for the delay.
fimus85 Flark2 years ago
It would be a nice instructable even with a few illustrations. Would love to see the steps for the rubber stamp creation.
BIGDaddy5045 years ago
This is a Show & Tell not an Instructable unless u show how to make from start to finish with all the Materials used. ( Good Job on the Stamp though )
ycc21065 years ago
..hum. Yeah nice. But without the instructions on how to make it, it has no meaning to me.
scoochmaroo5 years ago
Well come on! I'm dying to see it!!!! :D