A couple of weeks ago I came across this tutorial on how to create personalised giftwrapped presents by adding the recipient's name in cut-out letters.

I loved the concept but, as my family are quite into Christmas, wanted to make the wrapping a bit more festive, so customised the tutorial to use different materials - traditional Christmas wrapping paper for the main covering, and standard brown parcel paper for the letters.

Step 1: What you'll need

- Wrapping paper
- Brown parcel paper
- Sellotape
- Scissors
- Alphabet templates (available here at the original tutorial)
- PDF reader or image editing software
- Printer
- Pencil
- Tracing paper / greaseproof paper
- Craft knife / Stanley knife
- Cutting board
- Pritt Stick / glue stick
- Tape measure (if you're as anal as I am)
<p>This is really nice. Thank you</p>
This is awesome!
Love it!
Thanks :)

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