Step 1: Supplies List

This are the supplies you'll need to customize your xbox!

-An Xbox
-Krylon Spray Paint ( They make a great line of spray paint called Fusion that is made to bond to plastic, I highly recommend it!)
-Sand Paper ( Get a variety of grit ratings, I got a pack of 60 and a pack that had 100,150, and 220 from Walmart)
-Painters Tape
-An Xacto Knife
-A small opening tool
-Plexiglass ( The size may vary depending on your window but 9' by 7 1/2 ' should fit most windows)
-A Design
-A Dremel with reinforced cutting wheel or Jigsaw
-Hot Glue or epoxy
-Protective Glasses
-Scotch Tape
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Maty13241 year ago
Hi i lve this instructable but what paints could you use other than krylon and how would you apply them
nstanco3 years ago
awesome instructable you couldn't make it any easier. Can't wait for your led instructable.
ZoDo3 years ago
Really cool ideea, but unfortunately I don't have an Xbox :(
But I see you have plenty, do you customiye them for other people or are you a big fan.
Anyway, voted for you
GNic24 (author)  ZoDo3 years ago

I made the Hello Kitty, DC, and the Appalacian Xboxes for other people, the Wake and UNC were made just for this instructable, the cases came off of non working xboxes that we're given to me!

Thanks for the vote!