Step 2: Let's get sewing!

We will start out with sewing all the smaller parts together first.
Ears and tail:
1. Sew one blue and one white part of the ears together. Make sure you leave the bottom unsewed so that you can next turn them inside out.
2. Next grab the tail and roll it up, sewing the rolled up edge to keep it from unraveling, set it aside.
3. Grab the blue body parts and sew the little form pleats in the butt.
4. Next take the white belly parts and sew the top seam, leaving an opening in the middle.

5. Now we can start putting the donkey together. Beginning with the ears. Fold the ear a little and arrange it on the right side of the body piece by the head. If it's easier pin the ear in place with the head slit. Sew the seam and repeat on the other side.