These bean bag warmers are a great alternative to heating pads. They can be used over and over, heat up quickly in the microwave, and there's no wires or plugs to fuss with.

You will need - fabric, sewing supplies, pinto beans or rice

Step 1: Pick Your Fabric

Pick a durable cotton for your bean bag. The fuzzy side of sweatshirts work well. If your fabric is thin, fold it in half to double the strength.
<p>Great instructions! Simple and to the point! I can't wait to make one!</p><p>Thanks!</p>
I use cherry stones(Cleaned cherry pits) in my bed warmers because they are machine washable&nbsp; on gentle cycle.&nbsp; I save and clean all my cherry pits but you can find them for sale online.&nbsp; <br />
Awesome idea. Which meat leads me to another idea making the bag with a pillow case on it so you can remove the case and wash that.
Where did you get your chery stones? or was it a cae of eating the cherries first?
hi there<br><br>Why not to try <br><br>http://www.cottonbarons.co.uk/cherry.html<br><br><br>instead of eating kilos of cherries:) <br><br>I hope it will help.
love this idea how about some lavender too!! good for helping you get to sleep.i am in england what is feed corn.
Very nice!&nbsp; <br /> <br /> Feed corn is a great alternative you can use for filling.&nbsp; It holds heat really well, and it's quite cheap--about $10 for a 50-pound bag.<br />
I've been making heat packs with corn for a few years and they are the best, stay warm almost all night in the bed with me - but i havent tried washing them, so i like the idea of the cherry pits by Tomha-the-cat too - must try that soon.<br>
The first time I ever saw one of these was at a local craft fair. The couple who sold them said that they used feed corn. The feed corn gives off a pleasant aroma as well as moisture. My experience with pinto beans has given the same result except for the aroma. I even think that the pinto bean bags stay warmer longer. Where could I buy feed corn?<br />
Many WalMart stores carry feed corn during hunting season. So does Dick's Sporting stores. Agway is where I bought my 50 lb bag for $7.50 (in New Jersey!) Be sure to microwave the corn three times for three minutes. Let cool between heatings. It kills spores and other buggy critters. Also, place a towel around the corn to absorb some of the moisture those for first few heatings. I have filled cotton tube socks with the corn and tucked them into my bed before bedtime...warm, toasty, great.&nbsp; <br />
That's true--feed corn does have a distinct aroma!&nbsp; You can get it at any country-type store that sells animal feed.&nbsp; However, if you don't live near any rural areas, it might be hard to find.&nbsp; <br />

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