Personalized Card Hanger




Introduction: Personalized Card Hanger

Hang up your cards, notes, and more with this personal card hanger that does more that just decorate your home; they make wonderful memories!

Step 1: Grab Your Materials

To make this special home décor, you will need...

  • a wooden yardstick or T-square
  • paint
  • sponge brush
  • wooden clothespins
  • alphabet magnets
  • hot glue gun and gluesticks
  • mounting tape (not shown)

Step 2: Prep T-Square

To start, unscrew the top of your T-square if you have one (you don't have to do this step if you have a regular yardstick). Then, paint it a solid color of your choice. I picked black to make the clothespins and letters pop out.

Step 3: Paint Clothespins

Then, paint as many clothespins as possible and let dry.

Step 4: Assembly

To assemble this card holder, first spell out your first name or your last name across the center of your stick, and glue them down with hot glue. Then, use more hot glue to stick on your clothespins on either side to complete your project!

Step 5: Done!

Now, the only thing that's missing from this project are your collection of greeting cards! Birthday cards, holiday cards, wedding cards, whatever! Just clip the cards right into the clothespins and enjoy! You can even clip in small notes, reminders, kids drawings and homework that they bring home from school!



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