Picture of Personalized Faux LifeSaver Rings
This is a follow up to my Faux LifeSaver candy necklace.  My daughter wanted me to make her some 'Personalized' LifeSaver 'candies' with her school name.  I made a mold of the backside of a LifeSaver (plain), made a few polymer clay casts and used alphabet pasta letters to spell the name of her school.  Made some new molds of the custom LifeSavers and we now have a bunch of school LifeSavers for her class mates.
I made some school rings, using two methods:  A wirewrap ring band and an embedded metal ring band.

You will need:
* Makit & Bakit high flow styrene plastic crystals  see http://craftsuppliesforless.com/kidscraftsupplies_makitbakit.html or type Makit &   Bakit in search engine of your choice and you will find lots of sources.
* 2 part silicone mold making compound (needs to be silicone so it can be baked in the oven at 375 F) http://amazingmoldputty.com/ or many other brands available at craft and jewelry supplies
* LifeSavers candy or any other candy you want to copy - it needs to be something with a flat side so you can make an open-faced mold.
* various gauge wire for wire wrap ring band OR thin pieces of stiff metal, old watch hands, thin metal tube or simlilar for embedded ring band.
* aluminum foil
* baking sheet
* small spoon or plastic straw with the end cut at an angle
* oven - gas or electric - must be radiant heat - NOT a microwave, with an exhaust fan and/or open window nearby (ventillation)
* heat-proof bowl
* heat gun
* wire cutters
* small pliers, round nose, chain nose etc.
* alphabet pasta for making raised letters (I found English letter pasta and even Hebrew letter pasta!)
*  white glue, paint or some kind of sealant for the pasta letters

Minmin42251 year ago
They look yummy.... Wouldn't trust small kids.... ?
baelyn3 years ago
could you use a hair-dryer instead of a heat gun?
wombatmorrison (author)  baelyn3 years ago
I don't know if a hair dryer will get hot enough to heat polish the faux lifesavers, though I'd guess that it would not work well. Afterall, a hair dryer should get hot enough to dry hair, but not burn or damage the hair or your skin. You might be able to heat polish the faux lifesavers by putting them in a hot oven for just a minute or two.
ok, thanks. :) i'll try that.
TabbyDeAnne3 years ago
Soo cute!! Love it! Thanks for sharing!
ChrysN4 years ago