Personalized Game for Every Kid


Introduction: Personalized Game for Every Kid

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My nephews came for a visit to my house and I wanted to make something extra special for them. Using their favorite movie characters, I made a video that would take them on a scavenger hunt around my house.

Check out the video on how to make your own or follow the steps below.

Step 1: Write Your Story. Be Creative and Use the Kids Names.

After you have your story: select the text - right click - select add to iTunes as a spoken track.

Step 2: Pick a System Voice and Continue.

Daniel was a great voice for my project because it is British which matches the 'Cars' character I used.

Step 3: Take Pictures for Your Video. Import Them Into Photos.

Edit your pictures if needed. Make sure they are 16x9 size to fit your video project.

Step 4: Open IMovie. Make a New Project.

Select a theme and name your project.

Step 5: Select 'Photos Library' in IMovie. Find Your Pictures. Select All Your Pictures and Drag Them Into Your Timeline.

Step 6: Select 'iTunes' in IMovie. Find Your Audio Track. Drag Into Your Project.

Step 7: Adjust Your Project. Drag Your Pictures to Change the Length. Adjust Ken Burns Effect and Transitions If Desired.

Step 8: Adjust Titles.

Step 9: When You Are Done Editing, Select 'share' 'file' Name Your Project and Save.

After it saves, the file can be played on your computer or a TV.



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