Being from an industrial design background, I am always obsessed with functional objects. And I always want special and unique gifts for my best friends. So here comes a design project during my days in Techshop: a desktop accessory with personalized information.


Step 1: V- Carve Texts on Shopbot CNC Machine

After getting a nice piece of wood, in this case- 14" X 8" X 12/4" hard maple or African Mahogany, The first step is to V- Carve your wishing words on one surface of the wood. But before that, it is always good to test cut on a scrap piece to see whether you like the cutting or not.

Then if you are satisfied with the result on the test piece, go ahead and repeat it on the final piece. But the final piece is much thicker than my test piece. So be careful with the clamps and make sure the machine will not touch the clamps during cutting. Sometimes, using double stick tape would be enough ( carpet tap), as i did in the other piece of African Mahogany.

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