Personalized Glass Dispensers




Introduction: Personalized Glass Dispensers

I've been on a mission to transform my home bathroom into a spa-like setting, both calming and luxurious. One thing that screams luxury to me is personalized items, which got me thinking about how to display my lotions and pampering goodies. Enter glass etching cream and stylish dispensers. With just a few steps you can create you own containers without spending a ton of money!

What you will need:

Armour Etch glass etching cream
Glass (in my case 12oz bottles)
Vinyl sticky stencils
Duct tape
A synthetic bristle paint brush
Newspaper (to keep your workspace clean)

Step 1: Applying the Stencil

Carefully place your sticky stencil onto your glass – if you are using letters like me, you MUST make sure that there are no gaps between each sticker. If you do have gaps, make sure to cover them with duct tape, you don’t want stray cream getting on the glass.

Cover the surrounding area with duct tape to act as a safeguard from leaks.

Step 2: Paint on Cream

With your brush, apply a thick layer of the Armour Etch to the desired area.

Following the directions, leave the cream on your glass for several minutes. Then rinse it completely off with water, and dab dry.

That's it. In less than 10 minutes you can customize any glass item you have! Enjoy

You can get more ideas at my blog: Craft Medley  



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