Step 7: Repeat and Rename.

Repeat the copying, pasting, reordering and resizing of your images 23 more times until all of your faces are present.

Once all the faces are in their places it is time to change the caption below them to the appropriate name.

With the "Horizontal Type Tool" select each name (Randy, Danica, Face 14, etc...) and change them one by one to the names that match the image above it.
Yesterday, I gave the dutch travel version of Guess Who to my friend for her birthday. It has pictures of our friends and some teachers. She absolutely loved it.. Thanks (:
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Personalized dutch travel Guess Who is pretty sweet. Glad to be of help.<br />
Thank you for your fantastic instructions! I made a game for my roommate and she loved it. I didn't have photoshop so I downloaded GIMP, and all worked out fine.
Hey. That's great! Glad I was of help<br />
This instructable has been my favourite so far.&nbsp; I created it for all my friends who party at the cottage.&nbsp; I took it one step further though and made stickers for the box creating a personalized guess who box.<br /> <br /> Many thanks randofo!<br /> <br /> Cheers,<br /> Kaspr<br /> <br />
This is pretty awesome. I like what you have done!<br />
this is great! i did this for my friends and they all went nuts. great idea!
<p>I want to make this, but I don't have the software and I'm terrible at these types of things. If I provided the head shots, would you consider making my pages for me then emailing them back to me for me to print? Of course I would pay you for your services. I would appreciate it so much! </p>
<p>TWO QUESTIONS:<br>1. Why do we save as a TIFF versus something else? More just a curiosity question.<br>2. Do you think it would be better to print on WHITE card stock? Or would it be better/okay to use COLOR card stock. I have pulled out a red for the red, a blue for blue and a yellow for yellow. I don't want to waste ink trying, so just wondering what your thoughts are. </p>
Made one for shopkins with my own template! https://youtu.be/GN9ZRvPtOj4<br>
<p>Nice! That came out really well.</p>
I'm using GIMP. I just can't afford photoshop right now. I need a few more pics and then the blue template is complete and I'll be ready for this step. Only problem is when I go to layers there's no option to delete anything except the template itself. Am I missing something?<br />
I can send you some photos if you like
lol thats awesome, i would SO make a Bill Cosby, Wilford Brimley, and Bob Saget card!! (cause there like the weirdest ppl out there! 'lol in an oddly cool way :-P')
I like the sound of this one
IMPORTANT!!! if you make Wilford...make his Evil Twin Diabeetus! (<a href="http://www.knowyourmeme.com" rel="nofollow">www.knowyourmeme.com</a>&nbsp;look it up for the lols :P)
<p>looks good i do not have the same guess how</p>
<p>I knew I wanted to make a customized set of Guess Who for my cousin and her husband for Christmas, but I tried googling to see if maybe somebody already made a template for it or anything that would make it easier... and this one was perfect! Thank you for doing the hard part so I just got to go straight to the fun part. I love the way it turned out! =D</p>
<p>My friends loved the idea, in theory. However, in practice every game spouted questions that were deliberately highly personal or extremely vague, often starting a ruckus. &quot;Does your person give the impression that they are highly depressed on the inside?&quot; &quot;Is your person intelligent?&quot; &quot;Would your person kill a puppy for a thousand dollars?&quot; ect, ect.</p>
I am doing this now with different Buddhist personalities. Adding writing to the yellow cards for virtues, name translations, etc. <br>I am using Paint.net instead of Photoshop. There is a plugin that converts the PSD file. <br>I was doing this on my own, measuring everything, then I said to myself, &quot;Self, just look in Instructables!&quot; <br>Looking forward to finishing. <br>I'd like to add -- if you don't have the actual plastic game, just use it sort of like a big Bingo card. Keep the yellow card hidden, of course, and use coins, poker chips, etc to cover up any &quot;eliminated&quot; characters.
That's a great instructable randofo, I stumbled upon it whilst looking for this version, you should take a look, it's amazing!: <br> <br>http://www.fancyfeatures.com/shop/personalised-guess-who/ <br> <br>http://www.fancyfeatures.com/2013/07/08/amazing-event-entertainment-personalised-guess-who-is-launched/
Now I wish I had picked up the Guess Who game I saw at Salvation Army the other day. I'm definitely making this soon for family game night!
This is a genius idea! The fact that you came up with this AND found out how to make it look so seamless is pretty creative. I'm definitely going to make one of these for Christmas...this is really clever :D
I've been always dreaming of making a personalized Guess Who, and well, you made my dream come true! After hours and hours of work I created...
What are the dimensions for the Guess Who box?
Does anybody know the dimensions for the new guess who? It comes in a single sheet now, rather than having to cut apart the cards. Any suggestions? Thanks.
Hello ! <br>thanks! this was sooo useful!! <br>but i have one question, how can i do the packaging for the game?
Glad it worked out for you! Haven't really tried to make the packaging. Not really sure how. I imagine that you would need mat board and or chip board, then you would make the box, and then you would print out the graphics you want to use on glossy paper and use spray mount to attach them.
help i cant figure out how to resize?
Are you using Photoshop? If so, what version?
I can't seem to download these files. They keep dying half way through. Maybe I shall have to wait until I'm no longer shaped and try again.
Ok, it's working now :)
When I try to extract these templates it's telling me the file is corrupt. :(
What software are you using to open the file?
I love this idea. I'm going to make it for my niece for a birthday gift!! Thanks!
This is exactly what a group of friends and I did late one night. :D <br> <br>Except ours was the ultimate buget version, we just scribbled 24 of our friends names on scraps of paper and tucked them in frount of the real cards :P <br>It was awesome.
I love this! I wish I had this game customized for me. Who knows, maybe for the holidays someone would make me a game. Ya think?
I LOVE THIS IDEA! However I wonder if it cant be improved upon...<br> <br> I noticed you mentioned asking questions like &quot;Has this person lived with me&quot;... I feel like that could possibly eliminate A LOT of friends.<br> <br> I cant recall the official rules to the game, but I think building a set that follows a certain set of guidelines to keep the balance is the way to go. <strong>Doing so could turn the simply novelty of this into a solid game that can be played often</strong>.<br> <br> Without studying the board game, I cant say what the balance system would be, but off the top of my head, if you made every characteristic a 50-50 split or as close as possible... that would be a good start.<br> <br> Plus, half the fun of this would be &quot;brainstorming&quot; what the balance system will be, and who will fit into each section... Then of course there is the fun of digging through photos to find the perfect pics... Say you made half of the pics with their mouths open and half with their eyes open, half with glasses and so on... Then you have to go through your archives and find the pics that meet the guidelines... A nice strol through memory lane comes with that.<br>
I love personalised games!<br>As little kids, me and my sister drew our own Guess Who characters :D We had about 3 different personalised Guess Who's :P<br>We also made our own version of Monopoly, our own version of Stratego, a lot of paper jigsaw puzzles and finally, our home-made Mikado.<br>
How do you get the question marks to appear on the back of the cards?&nbsp; I took a memory card with the three (R-Y-B) files and they printed them.&nbsp; Where is the &quot;?&quot; file&nbsp;??&nbsp; This is an amazing gift for my father's 80th b-day party!!
See Step 11 for more<br /><br />If, like me, you don't have such a printer, go to Kinkos with a CD containing all your files and ask them to:<br /><br />"Print on white card-stock paper the following sets of images aligned front to back. The red files with the faces should line up with the red files with the question marks. The blue and yellow files should also line up in their respective sets. Also, please don't resize the image to fill the page when you are printing it."<br />
<p>Will Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 work?</p>
or u can take pics of ur friends (small pics) and cut out the heads and use them for cards :D
I am not sure<br />
I made one several years ago using fine art works for my art history class...I just cut out pictures from two identical art magazines and glued them to card stock cut the size for the frame.
Yeah. This is pretty SWEET. It's AWESOME. This game, it's......it's INCREDIBLE<br />
I love this! Me and my boyfriend play this game all the time, this is a great idea! We've had this conversation too.. of course if i would have done it i would have just printed out some pictures and cut them the shape of the cards, Your way is a million times better!&nbsp; I'm going to make one for my cousin and my little nephew. This would be a great family present, especially if you put in a few family members in they might not get to see too often. <br /> <br />
Yeah... the game is just asking for it really. If you end up making your own version let me know.<br />

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