Step 8: Duplicate the image and delete layers.

Picture of Duplicate the image and delete layers.
Duplicate the image three times.

On the first one, go to the bottom of the layers list and delete the blue and red layers. The background is now yellow.

On the second image, delete the yellow and blue layers so that the background is now red.

On the third, delete the red and yellow layers so that the background is now blue.
widexxeyed5 years ago
I'm using GIMP. I just can't afford photoshop right now. I need a few more pics and then the blue template is complete and I'll be ready for this step. Only problem is when I go to layers there's no option to delete anything except the template itself. Am I missing something?
This may sound like a very naive question... I am not very good with photoshop!

How do I duplicate the image?
nicoleb006 years ago
another complication...I believe I duplicated correctly, however, I can get the red and yellow but when I get to the blue layer it takes away most of my pictures. any suggestions?
randofo (author)  nicoleb006 years ago
Drag the blue layer around in the layer window. The other layers might be behind the blue layer. Reordering the layers may solve the problem it sounds like you are describing.