Personalized Illuminated Crystal Wedding Cake Topper





Introduction: Personalized Illuminated Crystal Wedding Cake Topper

This project is actually pretty low tech, not too expensive, and pretty easy to do. I does look better in person than it photographs and creates nice ambiance. 

Step 1: Materials

Part 1-
Computer (not pictured) -  to create custom artwork for crystal piece, but I am assuming that it you are on this website, you have access to a computer.

Small Led flashlight 
Customized Crystal piece
Wedding/Celebratory Cake

Step 2: Part 1- Creating Artwork for Crystal and Making the Crystal.

Using a photo editing program on your computer, photoshop,or Pixlr editor on (free online).
Create artwork of your liking, using the initial, names, or picture of those being celebrated. (See sample)
I would recommend making the artwork 4 inches by 4 inches, if you are doing a square.
Save the artwork as a Jpeg. 

To make the crystal, order it  from a website that offers photo gifts and carries crystal engraved photo products. Also most pharmacy photo centers and mall kiosks, also offer these items. 

Step 3: Part 2- Putting It All Together

Turn on flashlight and insert into cake. Make sure it is level with top of cake. Place personalized crystal on cake above the inserted flashlight. (I did not have pictures of when we did it, so I redid it with an unfrosted cake)  Should be pretty simple. 

Step 4: Stand Back and Enjoy!!

Batteries lasted the whole evening and months after. 



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    Could you tell me what website you got your crystal from?

    They may have it closer to the holidays, it may be a seasonal item in the photo center.

    This is really nice and you could customize it for whatever theme your wedding is!