Picture of Personalized Journal and Crayons
Getting a small gift for an adult isn't too difficult. A box of candy, some candles. But what about kids? Sure, you can pick up a toy you think they might like, but there's so many toys out there, how do you know they don't already have it, or that it's something they'll like? So here's a gift you could make for a child, or a teen (minus the crayons in that case.), that will hardly cost you anything. You know they won't already have it, and it's sure to be a hit.

This instructable will show you how to create your own soft-covered journal with a personalized cover, and crayons to go along with it. For all of you who can't sew, no worries! You won't have to stitch one thread.
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Step 1: Materials you'll need

Picture of Materials you'll need
-Colored cloth (i used the back of an old green t shirt) 1 piece about 17" by 12" and two pieces measuring 5.5" by 9"
-White or light colored cloth, the same size as a piece of paper
-Scotch tape
-Either double sided tape OR tape from a lint roller
-Aluminum foil (i accidentally showed parchment paper in the picture, but you need foil.)
-Cookie cutters
-About 5" of yarn, ribbon, or string
-1 piece of foam board, slightly larger than a sheet of paper
-1 large button
-Smaller buttons for decoration (optional)
-Hot glue gun
-10-15 sheets of paper
-Computer with a software program like Microsoft Publisher (that's what i used)
1 sheet of Card stock
-Baking pan

Step 2: Making the journal: Making the base of the cover

Picture of Making the journal: Making the base of the cover
I'll start off by showing you how to make the journal. Get your foam board and cut it into two equal pieces.

Then take a piece of scotch tape and tape the pieces back together. Only put Tape on one side. This allows you to bend the cover like a regular journal or book.
mikeasaurus3 years ago
I love this, the crayons are awesome!