Want a certain wall decor you saw online? but it's too expensive with shipping? or it's not in the color you want?
Well...that was the case of a friend we had.
She had little boys and wanted to decorate their room...but the picture she saw online was well...not in Sri Lanka...and shipping would cost! also..she wanted brighter colors...so she asked me and my sister to help...cause that's what we do! :-)
We make personalized items according to each individual!
These steps can be taken for any room decor you choose and it's very easy :-)

Step 1: Materials

Sun board or luan plywood 1/8" 
color printer
Mod podge / varnish
jig saw/ sharp knife
aluminum sticker sheet
acrylic paint

Sun board is a pvc sheet which can be cut with a jigsaw....also if very thin with a craft knife or scissor.
Is this your kids room? or an online copy?
The Original is from online...the other is my copy which I did for someone
I actually like yours much better than that found on line! I think the orange paint helps make the cars and roads pop. Nicely done.

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