Picture of Personalized Money
Have you ever wanted to put your face in the middle of a dollar bill. Or simply give it as a funny gift to your friend. Now you you can with a few clicks of your mouse!

Step 1: The Generator

Picture of The Generator
First off you have to get to this website http://www.festisite.com/money/
then click on "Generate Money"
Then click on "Browse" and get what ever photo you want to put in the middle of your dollar bill. After you found it click "upload".
You can make the image bigger or smaller with the effects buttons.
cd416 years ago
soo illegal!
chinchymork (author)  cd416 years ago
I did put a Disclaimer on this. It's just supposed to be fun!
Actually, in the UK and USA, destroying money is not illegal - unless it is for fraudulent purposes. On one of the Scottish Isles £1,000,000 was burnt in a protest against capitalism.
bounty1012 cd415 years ago
no, this instructable is for fun, so unless you were to make counterfeit money using this, it isn't illegal.
Westmont cd416 years ago
There is nothing illegal about "destroying" money as far as I know. Though it may devalue it.
yes ther is it is a felony
it dosn't destroy it...its 100% fake no real money involved
georion5 years ago
Some peeps need to check the facts before making comments that identify the level of intelligence not posessed by the said commenter???????
fisknewell6 years ago
Mr. Chinchy, you have the best instructables
Awesome! This is exactly what I need to "pay" my kid for extra chores. We will use them for vouchers that she can redeem bi-weekly for real money! - THanks!
chinchymork (author)  artistikdiva6 years ago
lol. good idea!!!
Toxic Pyro6 years ago
yeah click and drag isnt working, do u know what i could do to get it over 2 publisher? thanx
chinchymork (author)  Toxic Pyro6 years ago
You could try right clicking then Copy and Pasting. Or Drag it into "MY Pictures" THen drag it into publisher. if worst comes to worst You might have to use the PrtScn button Which is a print screen. -Best of luck!!
manlyman1096 years ago
Way Cool and REALLY good. One of the best instructables. Hope you can make more! Good Luck!!!
goeon6 years ago
Simply awsome 5*s and faved
ItsTheHobbs6 years ago
Haha... I'm making one with House on it...
chinchymork (author)  ItsTheHobbs6 years ago
Have fun!!
Nice!! Yet another ingenious instructable by our friend Mr. Chinchy. Three thumbs way up :D!
chinchymork (author)  musicninja176 years ago