I have been using my Cricut Expression to make stencils from vinyl almost from the time I first got it.  When I stopped working for Robert’s Craft, one of the first things I did was buy a copy of “Sure Cuts A Lot” by Craft Edge.  This program allows you to use your Cricut (or other personal electronic cutter) to cut the fonts on your computer and internet available graphics; I bought the updated version a couple of years later. I was excited because I no longer needed to buy the cartridges sold by Provo Craft to be creative with my Cricut.   Only one problem, if you don’t already own it, you can’t get it for your Cricut, because Craft Edge lost the lawsuit to Provo Craft and they can’t sell it to you.  They do, however, have versions for almost all other personal electronic cutters out there.  So this Instructable is on how I used the SCAL2 (Sure Cuts A Lot 2) program to cut stencils to for personalization of some hot drink mugs, to be used as gifts.

Step 1:

Sure Cuts A Lot for Cricut program downloaded on to computer (not shown)
Cricut machine (not shown)
12”x12” Cricut machine mat
12”x12” piece of vinyl
Weeding tool (or an exacto knife)
Transfer tape
Knife or scissors
Bone folder
Silver Decoart Glass Paint Marker ($4 at a craft or hobby store, or Google it)
Ceramic Mug (+/- $2 each)
Oven (not shown)
Glass cleaner (not shown)
Paper towels (not shown)
thanks alot for the good work, <br>i guess that we can use stencil too , then color names with acrylic colors,, <br>what do you think ??
I have used this type of stencil to decorate T-shirts and wood plaques,as, well as mugs and plates etc., Just use the type of paint that is appropriate for the surface being painted upon. The glass paint markers come in lots of colors, or you could used glass paint and a paint brush. For Fabric projects use fabric paint and a sponge brush, and acrylic paint for wood, etc. This is just a great way to make a stencil for lots of projects.
Thanks for the nice clear directions

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