Picture of Personalized Paperweight:  USMC
Ye Ol' Paperweight.  Decorative and can be personalized for Dad in a number of ways.  This process should work for a variety of designs.  Enjoy!

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
001-pw base.jpg
For the emblem:

Casting Resin

Clay (non-air drying)


Acrylic Finish Spray (matte, gloss, satin ect...)

Paint brushes

Xacto knife

Curved blade tool


Casting objects

Petroleum Jelly

Disposable Cup

Mixing stick

Shoe Polish (brown or black)

For the base:

Plaster of Paris


Duck Tape


Disposable Cup

Mixing stick

Sandpaper (rough to fine grit)


Primer Spray Paint



Spray Glue

Step 2: Molding Emblem

Picture of Molding Emblem
I rummaged around and found the shape i wanted on this grenade lighter.  Whatever you choose to use, a light coating of Vaseline will keep the clay from sticking to the item and allow it to release from the clay easier.

Roll and knead the clay to get rid of any air pockets and make it more pliable.

Roll the clay into a ball and press your item into it.  Gently twist to release from the clay.

Vaseline the USMC emblem (or whatever item you choose to use) making sure to get into all the little crevasses. 

Center the emblem into the impression in your clay and press gently, yet firmly.  Try to keep as even a pressure as you can. 

When removing the emblem be very careful not to smear the impression in the clay. 

Check your mold and make any adjustments or touch ups you need to.

Note:  Make sure your mold has a flat bottom for the next step.

Step 3: Casting Emblem

Picture of Casting Emblem
Mix the resin according to the instructions. 

I used Amazing Casting Resin:

Measuring equal parts solution A and solution B, stir for approximately 30 seconds and then pour into the mold.

It sets in about 5 minutes, but I leave it for about 10.

Remove cast from the mold and clean up the edges with an Xacto knife, or other sharp blade of choice. 

An old toothbrush and some dish detergent work great to get off any excess clay.

smorgsborg9 months ago
That is bad ass.
kmac1 (author)  smorgsborg9 months ago


Ooh Rah! Marine Corps! Very nice
kmac1 (author)  anguspodgorney9 months ago

Semper Fi! Thanks

Skye21712 years ago
I honestly don't get what you did here
kmac1 (author)  Skye21712 years ago
In what way?
scoochmaroo3 years ago
Wow, that is fantastic!