Picture of Personalized Recipe Potholders

Our family has a favorite recipe for romaine dressing which was developed by our beloved Grandma Jean.  We serve this often at family gatherings, but with all the commotion we tend to forget to write down the recipe.    Since Grandma Jean passed prior to Christmas, not long after marking her 90th birthday, I thought this would be a fitting tribute to her and her culinary skills.  


PS The PhotoFabric material pictured is fully capable to being washed after completion.   These are working potholders, not purely decorative.  

Step 1: Materials Needed:

Picture of Materials Needed:




Coordinating seam binding

Insulbright (at fabric stores)

PhotoFabric (at fabric stores)

Sewing  tools:  Scissors, Pins, Needles, Ruler, Sewing machine, chalk or erasable air pen, disappearing ink or tailor’s chalk

Favorite Recipe, Photos if desired

aredhering2 years ago
So Creative, Grandma Jean would be proud.
Maureen5772 years ago
What a great idea.
VanaG (author) 2 years ago
Thanks for the comments.
iamaqtpoo2 years ago
What a super nice idea and lovely way to remember a recipe of a lost loved one, thanks!
ChrysN2 years ago
What a great idea and makes a great gift.
sunshiine2 years ago
This instructable has inspired me to pick up some photo fabric! What a clever idea! I am sure anyone would appreciate a gift like this!
Thank you for sharing!
scoochmaroo2 years ago
I love it! I'm making some oven mitts today. I'd never heard of photo fabric, but will have to find some to play with!
Ysabeau2 years ago
It is an awesome idea.