Steel tubs are super sturdy and can be used for tons of things. The basic steel look can be a bit harsh, though, so it's a great idea to give it a quick paint job.

This tub was painted for laundry, but you can make a custom paint job for any reason such as kids' toys, beverages, bathroom towels, or anything else.

This project is a courtesy of Lowe's Idea Exchange, be sure to visit Lowe's Idea Exchange on Facebook for more awesome projects.

Step 1: What you need

This project is very straightforward, you're gonna paint a tub. Here's what I used:
 - 15 gallon steel utility tub
 - Blue Valspar spray paint
 - Dove white Valspar paint
 - Craft brushes
 - masking tape
 - tarp
 - circular items (cups, plates)
 - pencil
 - Sharpie
 - polyurethane
We once had a client who used our self-storage facility, and a lot of his items are these steel tubs that are colorfully decorated. Little did we know that he does decorate tubs for a living. He was storing some of the items he made as we did not have any space at home. It was for a client that he has who ordered a significant number. The tubs were colorful and attractive that some of the female colleagues were interested in ordering. But he has to say no and postpone the order as he was rushing for this big client’s order.
Oh, very cute! :D
Thanks. This is definitely a fun craft project and one where I wanted to make more. Then there's the classic problem of where to put all the things you make and these are big!

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