Arthritis is a condition in which one or several joints in the body become inflamed.  This inflammation causes pain and joint stiffness.  As a result, it can  be difficult for people with arthritis to perform tasks requiring fine articulation of the joints.  This is especially the case for arthritis in the hands, which is the most common location for arthritis to appear.

Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the United States with a diagnosis rate of 50% for people over the age of 65.  However, arthritis is not limited to seniors, half of all arthritis sufferers are under the age of 50.

Because of their condition, arthritis patients open find tasks which non-sufferers take for granted very difficult.  One of these tasks is opening twist top containers including:  glass jars, milk jugs, soda bottles, et cetera.  The grip strength required to open these containers is simply more than some arthritis suffers can muster, which is understandable considering the significant discomfort that would result if they tried.  Many tools exist that aim to make opening twist top containers easier for arthritis suffers (or non-sufferers stuck with a particularly tight lid); however, many of these tools only work on lids with very specific diameters, many others simply do not work. 

Put your DIY skills to good use and create a Personalized Assistive Container Opener for a loved one or friend who suffers from arthritis.  This Instructable will demonstrate how to construct, using only a few simple parts, a highly functional and customizable Assistive Container Opener.

Step 1: Materials Required

The following materials will be needed in order to construct an Assistive Container Opener:
  • Some Non-slip Drawer Liner or other grippy, flexible material.
  • One Empty Aluminum Soda Can
  • One Package of Sugru in your choice of color or colors.  Get it here.
  • Optional:  Ribbon, Glitter, Markers, or other decorating materials. 
Great stuff.<br> I don't have arthritis est but its a real pain opening extra large jars of sauerkraut. So what I do so far is repeatedly put the lid part of the jar under hot water and then try to use silicone gloves to pry the lid off. After a few frustrating moments which is about 10 mins or more the lid finally gives way. <br><br>Also I refuse to bother a man to do that. They're usually too busy for that any how.<br><br>So this would probably be a great way of opening large lids which I can not find so far in the stores. <br>

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