Introduction: Personalized Tape Dispenser!

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If you are a crafty person you will know that lots of art supplies we use every day are simple, plain and boring. So I've decided to show one simple way to spice up your supplies!!

Step 1: Materials

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For this project you will need:

~Decorative paper,
~crafting knife (exacto-knife),
~the inside paper of the tape dispenser.
~Refillable tape dispenser

Step 2:

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First things first. You will need to take apart the dispenser. Refillable tape dispensers are meant for this project because the can come apart. After that you will need to take out the roll of tape. A handy tip is to fold over the end of the tape so you don't lose it!

Step 3:

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Taking the insides of the tape dispenser, trace the outline like a stencil on a decorative piece of paper. You will need to trace both insides! ( sorry if you cannot see the outline)

Step 4:

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Now take your scissors and cut along the outline. After that you will need to carefully cut out the middle circle with a crafting knife.

Step 5:

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Now put the decorated insides of the tape dispenser in with the non decorated ones behind it. Make sure the decorated side is facing out! Put the roll of tape back in, thread the tape and close it up.

Step 6:

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CONGRATS!! You've completed your very own DIY and personalized tape dispenser! You can add any further decorations you like eg. Your name, flowers, hearts, stars etc. Just have fun!

P.S I really hope you like this! It is my very first instructable!


Nicola283 (author)2014-03-12

Awesome I'll have to try it!

CommanderCookie (author)2014-01-31


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