Personalized Toothbrush Holder Design





Introduction: Personalized Toothbrush Holder Design

This Instructable goes through the steps of creating your own personalized toothbrush holder based on the contours of a photo. The process is explained step-by-step. This object is fully 3D printable.

Step 1: Using Pictures As a Guideline to Draw the Design.

When I had the idea to create a nice looking toothbrush holder I wanted to design something for couples. I made pictures of two people's faces in profile while blowing a kiss. I imported the pictures as a background image to SolidWorks. This can be done in most CAD software. The sketching tool can be used to draw the outlines.

Step 2: From 2D to 3D

I added some accessories such as a hat and a scarf during the drawing process. Select the 2D contour lines and create a 3D object with the extrude tool. I chose to make it 3 mm thick.

Step 3: Adding the Holder for the Toothbrushes.

Now that you have a nice design you add the holders for the toothbrushes. Measure the thickness of your toothbrush to be sure of a good fit. I created a sketch plane where I wanted to have the first holder. I drew the contour of the holder itself and used the extrude tool once again to extrude the holder. Furthermore I used the fillet tool to make a good looking interface to the previous solid. It makes the holder stronger as well. Repeat the same procedure for the second holder.

Step 4: Time to Print the Object!

Now it's time to send the object to the printer!

Export the model from you CAD software to your favorite slicing software. Due to the limited size of my printer I had to split the toothbrush holder in two to fit the printbed. This was done in a software called MeshMixer but can also be done directly in the CAD software. The slicing settings I used were 0.2 mm layer hight and 20% rectiliniar infill. The object was printed in PLA.

Step 5: Attach the Object to the Wall

It's time to attach the object to the wall. This can be done by using double sided tape.

Now enjoy this design that gives an extra touch to your bathroom!



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    Love the design! It also inspired me to make my own by tracing out a photo!

    Love the design! It also inspired me to make my own by tracing out a photo!

    I love it! Greatest thing I've seen in long time!

    This is great and those gold toothbrushes do make it look really classy :)

    Nice design!

    Very classy! I like it :)