Personalized mommy jewelry-a pair of diy fabric earrings

Picture of Personalized mommy jewelry-a pair of diy fabric earrings
Today’s pair of diy fabric earrings is eco-friendly. It is easy to undertake and accessible to all skill levels. Hence, it doesn’t matter whether you’re brand-new or somewhat familiar to the techniques in this personalized mommy jewelry.
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Step 1: Prepare fabric strips

Picture of prepare fabric strips
For one of the diy fabric earrings, you may need to cut 2-3 strips of fabric. Make the strips slim and long.

Step 2: Make the ruffle

Picture of make the ruffle
Sew the first strap. Pass the needle through the middle all throughout;
Pull the thread to form certain ruffles;
Do the same processes with another strap;
If necessary, add on the third or more straps. In the end, knot for secure.

Step 3: Add on the clasp

Picture of add on the clasp
Open one jump ring and then slide on the earring hook, then stitch to the fabric pompom;
Modify the shape into a nicer feature;
Melt the edges with lighter for avoiding falling apart.
Finally, do repeat all above procedures for a complete pair of diy fabric earrings!
It doesn’t take much fabric to make this pair of diy fabric earrings, and nor does the time. Make pair of such accessory as special personalized mommy jewelry that may be a quick, simple and inexpensive way to customize an outfit and appearanc
I Love the ruffles, you could use the same method to make a headband with ruffle roses.
sabu.dawdy2 years ago
cutee ruffles
How cute! They look so delicate :D