Personalizing Bookmarks With LEDs and Silhouette



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Introduction: Personalizing Bookmarks With LEDs and Silhouette

Creating a personalized bookmark using an LED and Silhouette stickers is an easy and exciting introduction to circuits.

Step 1: Create Your Silhouette Stickers

To create the Silhouette stickers, select from your image library or purchase designs from the Silhouette Studio store. For my stickers, I chose to repeat to fill the page after I had sized the design. I printed the design on colored contact paper using a cutting blade depth of 5. The contact paper worked perfectly as an adhesive sticker for the foam bookmarks.

Step 2: Design Your Bookmark

To learn more about the LED bookmark project, visit this Instructable. Before adding the LED, decorate your bookmark with your Silhouette stickers.

Step 3: Add Your LED and Battery

After decorating, add your LED and battery to your bookmark. For step by step instructions, visit this Instructable.

With inexpensive materials, you can create your own original bookmark that can be the first introduction to circuitry for a range of ages.



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