There are a lot of things out there for 3D printing.  Lots of airplanes, monsters and vehicles, but at their current scale, they're really just toys.  I don't think that's a bad thing, tho.

I wanted to play with some models and make some videos from the perspective of a plane.  So I made a clip that fits on my phone, connects with a 1/4" dowel to a sliding post for a model.  

The clip-and-post design allows a 3D printed model to stay in the frame of the iPhone camera.  The concept is pretty simple, it just holds the model in front of the phone's camera.

Step 1: Choose Your Vessel.

I went the quick way by looking through the 123D Gallery and Thingiverse to find some models that would print out on a MakerBot easily.  I ended up with a straight forward WWII plane that I chopped in half using MeshMixer (http://meshmixer.com/).  This allowed me to print it without using very much support material.

Here's the model in 3D.

ok. that hysterical. gonna make that and play with my kids.
Tha'ts pretty funny. Now all you need is a steady-rig of some kind to go with it, so it looks the plane is flying down the street, instead of walking. <br>
Great idea! I wonder if mounting the dowel in a bearing at the camera end, and adding a weighted short handle downward (in other words, make the straight dowel &quot;L&quot; shaped, and put a bearing at the corner of the &quot;L&quot; to mount it to the iPhone) would give a neat effect? By pivoting the downward handle, you could &quot;bank&quot; the plane, and by having a small weight at the end of the downward leg, it would &quot;seek&quot; to return the plane to the horizontal horizon. You could do a &quot;Reno air races&quot; slalom between the parking meters, while the camera frame stayed upright.
That's actually a pretty cool idea. Mini G-force!
The first thing that I though of when seeing this was the opening of the Naked Gun movies. The best part was the intro.
YES! Made my day.
man i can picture going down the sidewalk with that rig! so fun! love it.
Reminds me of a low budget Sci-Fi B-movie from the 1950s.
Here's a thought. Paint the object holder with <em>chromakey</em> paint (browse <a href="http://www.chromacoat.com" rel="nofollow">here</a>). Then adapt a camera app to &quot;fill in&quot; the chromatic space that is occupied by the holder as the object moves. You could also do that offline with stored video. Would not be very difficult with an MPEG sequence as the stream is already motion adaptive.<br>
Awesome fun idea! I love it!
This is such a fun idea! I think to make it even more epic , I'd have the camera off at 45' to the right , that way taking corners would give much more of a elevating and dropping effect! Also if the stick could be less visible that would be cool! <br>But all in all - a great little project
I love this thing!
Just flying by some people in the streets.
This is fun!
Nice. You should embed the video in the intro.
Yes sir!

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